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The secret behind Web Apps

We have seen most of the customers are aware of web sites but unaware of web apps. Web apps is an application or program that is whole and independent. Now the websites are not just used to display the business details but to gather information. This client and server-side scripts, interact together to gather information in terms of an online form, shopping carts, word processor, video email, CRM, and CMS activities. The functioning of the app is to connect to the utilities of users, help in business, and manages their business online enabling organizations to work on an additional team and work beneficial activities.

Here are some core benefits of web apps for any business:

  • Interactivity: Interactive web apps are highly appreciated by customers. From sending the email and notification to the customers they even collect the data of leads for your business. The interactive chat box quickly starts the communication between you and sales personals.
  • Automation: Web apps are loaded with additional features that are not available on web sites. Web sites are static pages, where web apps are interactive and have data collecting capacity. With the responsive design for multiple devices, the business is streamlined for data entry activities. It analyses the leads through collected data that is automated. This is just one aspect of web apps, programs like bot chats when integrated with web apps give more power by automated interaction with customers
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Less human interaction increases effectiveness. Using web apps organizations reduce operational overheads. It manages the business and increases revenue. It gives a separate buyer account and customized view to the customers. Accessing the given URL, compatible with all platforms, browsers, and machines.
  • Quality and performance: The web apps are quality and performance while the business demands during its peak hours. Our clients using Progressive Web Apps ( PWA) are experiencing the gain in speed, organic traffic, conversion rates, and active daily users.
  • Lower bounce rates: Holding the customer’s interest in an E-Commerce business or shopping sites is necessary. Slight delay in the displays the product will lose your customers. Best practices in PWA reduces the bounce rates and increase the shopping experience of the customers.
  • Web apps reduced in size, increase the speed and efficiency of web browsers.

Launching your sites on PWA increases the speed of loading the app on browsers. Your app becomes light weighted and also increases the speed and efficiency of the site.

The best part of web apps is that they just look like native apps and provide a few functions notification, home-screen prompts, etc that are similar to native apps.

Why Big Kitty Labs for Web Apps?

Big Kitty Labs is well known for its high-performing, modern, and response web apps. Your views are a beautiful creation of a functional web app.

  1. We ensure strict quality measures along with certified and compliant development platform.
  2. Our web development approach is designed to define and solved the client’s needs.
  3. Our industry-defining solutions set you apart from your competitors. The quality, values, and great web experiences give by Big Kitty Labs are well-known for our regular customers.

Achieving consistency in performance is difficult, but we consistently deliver the quality in our tools and resources. The external view transforms your web application into the vital growth for the business.

We goal to create a simple responsive website, that is easily maintainable, and ensure the profit to your business.

Here are promises we make to deliver while we start working on projects

  1. Clarity in design
  2. well organized sites
  3. Simplicity and intuitiveness
  4. Original designs
  5. Multiple platforms
  6. Compatibility
  7. Call to Action
  8. Highly affordable.

Our design-driven approach:

The design of web apps differs from web sites and mobile apps. The web apps have the best of web sites and mobile apps and are best situated for traffic driven sites.

Here we will take a quick view of our approach for web apps development.

  1. Selecting technology: This is an essential factor, as the performance of web apps depends on the framework we select serving the “Hot loading” app during the development time. We prefer using a packing framework like Webpack, or Gulp, or Grunt and a light-weighted front end technology to reduces the loading time of the web app. The frameworks preferred are React, Ember, Vue, Svelte, and many more depending upon the requirements and features.
  2. Choosing backend: The backend manages your data and its one of the challenging parts in web apps. As we build the app we select from server pages and single-page applications which form our front-end. The backend provides the HTTP endpoints for operations, authentication, and authorization of users and serves the frontend requests.
  3. Hosting and deploying web application: Hosting is running the app on the server and there are several options for hosting including cloud platform. To deploy the source tools like GitLab, Bitbucket, or Jenkins are used.


Our team of Big Kitty Labs has worked with various industries to create Web apps with mobile support. Having these apps on the browser and as a mobile app makes a lot of difference for the customers. Our end-to-end working style has enabled us to serve for 10+ years. Knowing your requirements for hosting and development is taken care of by our enthusiastic and professional team. The process we follow is an Agile process where all the stakeholders work together to create an amazing web app.

For more information on web development services of Big Kitty Labs contact us or mail us @ contact@bigkittylabs.com.