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Tech is a weapon to maximize your returns.

Big or small, everyone's looking for an edge. Odds are tech can transform your opportunity - but what exactly can we do for you? Let's talk - ideation to innovation we have means to revolutionize your business.

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Portfolio & Case Studies

Pathway optimization from the research lab to market.

With over 70 + served startups, we have a proven track record taking university ideas to market. Check out some of our previous apps. Our mission is to deliver an incredible application that leaves our clients smiling.

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Our professional team strives to deliver perfection.

In 10 years we've worked with over 70+ startups. We know exactly what you need. Leverage our expertise. Let us build your future at an affordable price.

Our Services

Looking to attain the next level of growth in your company? You can achieve milestones with the right web and mobile apps partner by your side. A good technological foundation is the backbone of all successful modern companies. With the best business-critical applications, you can achieve exponential growth and stay ahead of the competition. We specialize in developing native mobile applications, designing web-based applications, creating cloud solutions, and providing maintenance services. Whether you need custom software development, support & maintenance or tech strategy; you can rely on us to handle it all for you. Our design and development services stretch across the tech realm and they include:

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps & Web

The modern world is mobile and your business needs to tap on the benefits that come with functional, responsive, cross-platform apps.

Web App Development

Web Applications

Our team creates feature-rich applications that are in line with the demands of modern business.

Startup Strategy

UI/UX & User Experience

With great design comes better customer interaction and more business for your company.

e-Commerce Development

Creating e-commerce websites that work takes skills and resources – we have them.

Support & Maintenance Services

Constant assessment of application software is crucial for sustained business operations.

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AR/VR & Future Tech

As new technology arises, we ensure that you are up to date with what is happening in the AR and VR spheres.

Why Should You Work with Us?

Value is at the core of everything we do at Big Kitty Labs. Every product and service we provide is designed to help you with your specific needs. We work closely with you to determine what solutions you need so that your company can achieve the next level of milestones. We also prioritize quality and functionality. We understand how critical the tiniest flaws in the system can completely alter your company goals. We bring to the table our vast experience which will propel you to excellence. With an extensive footprint stretching over 10 years of designing and developing remarkable solutions, we are miles ahead of the competition in our industry. Above all, we are proud to be associated with satisfied clients. We are keen on understanding the needs of our clients.

The partnership you will get from us will transform your company in tangible ways. There is a wide pool of talent at our disposal. We have great designers, engineers, developers and researchers who all bring invaluable insights to the table. Not sure of what your business needs? Just talk to us and we will help you evaluate your needs.


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Micah Mossman

Senior Partner
Pueo Business Solutions

To build out a new capability, I thought I’d use a freelancer to save money and prove my capability. After months of pain, I realized that I needed a more capable team. A trusted friend referred me to Big Kitty Labs, and I have not been disappointed. Everything from requirements, to customer engagement, to development, and development/testing was addressed with exceptional quality. I am now on my third project with Big Kitty Labs, and hope to continue working with them for many more.

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Dawn Dickson


PopCom's overall experience working with Big Kitty Labs is a model of how exemplary it can be when working with the right software development group. It was important for PopCom not only to partner with a team with the requisite engineering skills who would take ownership of the entire development process, but work very collaboratively with us and be available and interested in doing so. The Big Kitty Labs role includes working closely with our other business partners involving forward-planning for our IP, customer implementations and revenue generation and it has been highly honorable and trustworthy in doing so. CEO Dan Rockwell has distinguished himself—and his team—as a extension of our business strategy thought leadership and driver in our business model innovation as well as software development.

Grow to New Heights with Innovative Modern Technology

Enjoy the benefits that come with being associated with a modern web & app services company that understands modern business. With new solutions at every turn, we will ensure that you are not left behind by the fast-paced tech world. The market is always evolving and you need the best solutions to avoid the ever-present threat of redundancy. You can do more with enterprise-class web applications, modern cloud solutions, and engaging digital experiences. We can handle projects of any scope.

Work with Us Today

Every business needs a partner that understands the tech industry and business. A partner that can bring together the two realms and create lasting solutions. Big Kitty Labs is a partner that will not just offer you the basic services, but one who will also guide you to your success. With Big Kitty Labs; you will get value, reliable services, and unending support. You will never have to worry about the volatile business world anymore as we will be right there with you as you take the next big step. We work with startups, organizations, entrepreneurs, small businesses and all other entities that need a solid foundation on the digital realms. Talk to us today for a further discussion about:

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