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BigKittyLabs is a Software Design and Development Agency with 12 years of experience in deploying high-performance mobile and web solutions.

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Designing Meaningful interactions

We create meaningful interactions between people and brands that make a difference. We combine our know-how in Design Thinking, innovation and consumer insights to create products, services, and public policies that cater to the needs of the consumer.

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Designing better user experiences

We help businesses create amazing user experiences that make customers want to return to their site again and again. With our help, our clients are able to design better products and services, understand customer needs, and increase conversion rates.

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Holistic development by creative minds

We're a team of creative problem solvers who want to make a difference in the world. We offer holistic development services, so no stone is left unturned in your development journey.

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Big Kitty Labs was born out of a startup weekend and even though we have delivered hundreds of enterprise-level tech solutions for businesses around the world, we still maintain part of our startup DNA that enables us to innovate freely and also work closely with our customers.


We design with expertise and agility so that our clients can experience increased productivity and even greater success. Our clients appreciate the convenience that comes with our intuitive software and solutions.

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Digital solutions for every part of your business

We specialize in providing business solutions, Software development services, and mobile app development. We design with expertise and agility so that our clients can experience increased productivity and even greater success. Our clients appreciate the convenience that comes with our intuitive software and solutions.

Mobile App Development

We help companies reach their customers through interactive applications that are great to look at and even better to use.

We specialize in applications for both iOS and Android devices and cross-platform development.


Web and Software Development

Our web development expertise extends from web apps and websites to API development and everything in between.

We’ve also been developing proprietary software to tackle unique challenges for enterprises on all scales: from global enterprises to SMBs.

AR/VR Development

Big Kitty Labs has been helping companies drive innovation with augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Using our expertise to make customer experiences unique, memorable, and surreal.


UX/UI Design

It is often asked, “What is more important, UI or UX?” These two terms are often used to describe the view of the application, be it a website or a mobile app. These are the confusing terms used in the IT field.

UI (user interface) is about the look of the app. It is related to the design, product appearance, size, color, and placement of each UI component and focuses on the esthetics of the app. The look and feel of the app leave the first impression on users.

Advertising and Marketing

Big Kitty Labs finds, implements, and monitors the right marketing solution for a wide variety of mediums. We continuously track, measure, and improve campaigns – refining them to perfection.

We never skip a beat, and you never miss a new customer.


Managed Resources

We provide managed resources including technical talent and expertise for IT support, development, cloud security, and storage solutions.

Custom eCommerce

We use more than a decade of experience working with eCommerce giants to build powerful, custom eCommerce platforms on both the web and mobile devices.


Let’s build tomorrow, together.

30 years in business and 330+ customers say we do it right

OSU's S.T.A.R.

STAR is the Ohio State University’s Stress, Trauma and Resilience Program, and was created to help those who have experienced psychological trauma. Whether it’s from violence, abuse, or a profound loss, trauma can adversely affect a survivor’s outlook on life and their ability to interact with the world.

Their dedicated team’s sole purpose is the identification, education, and treatment of those who have survived trauma, and those who support them.

The Big Kitty Labs team was approached by STAR to create an anonymous, bilateral medical consulting platform that could be used through the web or on mobile devices.

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Impact Start
Impact Start

Peerro's Story

Peerro helps close the gap between young skilled laborers and companies recruiting employees. This much-needed service gives employment opportunities to 16 to 20-year olds who are seeking jobs but don’t know where to find them. 

These job seekers include students who are struggling in school and have limited access to technology and connecting them with employers who need their skills. 

According to the founder, Rachel Angel, the companies she works with are all struggling to find enough qualified workers. Angel realized it’s not about just finding people, but it’s finding the right people.

Angel saw this need and decided to create a solution for it – but had no experience developing or building a new startup. That’s when she approached Big Kitty Labs.

When I first got introduced to Big Kitty Labs – I didn’t have a product. I had a PowerPoint. I was able to get a reliable product through working with them. After about six months, it’s gone from a concept to where it’s being used.”
Rachel Angel, Entrepreneur, Non-profit Owner, Pharmacist, and Founder of Peerro

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Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager

The Big Kitty Labs Edge

Quality of Work

We take pride and passion in what we do and translate it into high-quality work for you, consistently without fail.

Cross-Platform Development

We develop cross-platform software that keeps companies connected in a modern world, irrespective of technological differences.

Innovative Solutions

No goal is out of reach. Once we're able to map out an idea, our team uses its creative problem-solving process to deliver real-world solutions.

330+ Projects Delivered

Since our launch in 2008, we have delivered over 330 projects in eCommerce, healthcare, education, logistics, retail, and more.

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