Welcome to Big Kitty Labs.

We're a web design and software development company that aims to bring your ideas to life.

Though we’re based in Columbus, Ohio, we reach out to the world to help put your once in a lifetime concept on the platform to be successful. If you need to design a website, put together a great mobile app, or construct a digital marketing strategy, then we are the ones to turn to.

Startup Software


We help businesses of all shapes and sizes embrace change to become more nimble.

From large corporations and public institutions to family-owned businesses and local non-profits, our partners depend on us for ideation and innovation. We have the expertise to help customers compete in rapidly evolving and highly competitive markets.


We understand the path from product concept to market introduction and beyond.

Taking a product to market takes finesse. It requires a solid product, customer insights, marketing strategy and branding to connect with buyers and ultimately drive profit. Our team has introduced dozens of new products to market. We can help you, too.


We see the power of new and innovative ideas, and we can help you achieve success.

From the napkin to the marketplace, we breathe life into an entrepreneur's vision. We love working with people who see the world through their own unique lens, discovering new ways to solve problems.

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