Welcome to Big Kitty Labs.

We bring your ideas to life.

In today's world you need more than tech, you need an edge, and we're it.
We build it all - web, mobile, enterprise, strategize. Build it, fund it, own it.

Startup Software


Tech is a weapon to maximize your returns.

Big or small, everyone's looking for an edge. Odds are tech can transform your opportunity - but who to trust? Let's talk - ideation to innovation we have means to revolutionize your business.


Pathway optimization from the research lab to market, momentum matters.

Are you working on teleportation? Have a patent but no prototype? Not sure how make your copyrighted content rock? We have a proven track record taking university ideas to market. Let's do this!


Can't get funding for that idea? Are moving fast enough? Need a prototype?

In 10 years we've worked with over 70+ startups. We know exactly what you need. Product yes, but more so a compelling narrative of oh yes this happening. Leverage our expertise. Let us build your future.

We would love to chat!

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