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The Power of Delusion

In the last ten years, I figure I’ve talked to at least 3 people a week with an idea for a startup – that’s 1,560 delusional people eager to manifest their idea into reality. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome these conversations! When people talk about delusion, they usually mean a mental disorder. But when you are starting a concept and building a company out of thin air, or taking […]

Brand Strategy in Marketing: Key Considerations

Branding trends change every once in a while which is why it’s important to keep an eye on your brand strategy in marketing. For some of the most iconic companies in the market, the branding process does not involve many changes. For the smaller businesses and startups in the market though, your brand strategy might require an overhaul. When getting into the market, most startups do not consider the importance […]

Founders Share Secrets to Funding Success at Startup Week 2019

Columbus Startup Week 2019 is loaded with valuable insights for founders looking to understand funding and growth. The information shared this week has been far-reaching and comprehensive. Hosting a panel of industry gurus on the topic of Funding Options: How I Got Money, Big Kitty Labs Dan Rockwell teased out some key secrets these successful founders employ to create remarkable businesses. The speakers on the panel included Nick Potts – Founder and […]

Startup Moments in Cinema: Inuyashiki

Few people know it but I spent about six years working in Japanese Animation. It was a fantastic time really, basically my first startup experience before I even knew what a “startup” was.  This was back in the mid 90’s.  I just got outa high school, was working in video production as salesman selling high end video production gear.  There’s a whole story there but basically I got in early […]

Startup Moments in Cinema: Ronin

I know it seems a bit like we’re on a samurai theme here… but Ronin is the Japanese word used for Samurai without a master.  This is another great must see movie with several startup, entrepreneurial and software agency like lessons, reflections and moments. WHAT DO YOU USE SCENE There’s a special kinda language or verbal protocol amongst nerds… what do you use?  Everyone trades tools, frameworks and programming languages as […]

State of Entrepreneurial Play

Yesterday I was asked my thoughts on organizing, facilitating and overall what I would do differently on teeing up a Startup Weekend like event.  It pulled me back into the reaches of … ‘Oh yeah…” what would I do differently.  I haven’t organized or put on a Startup Weekend before but I’ve been a participant, a judge, a speaker, a mentor and an advocate of the scene for quite sometime. […]

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