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Everyone’s on the signal

Everyone’s on the signal. That signal being what they see is next. It feels like 2006 again to me. I remember that time, lots of ideas, lots of new fringe technologies, and a ton of moves to look around a corner you couldn’t exactly see around. I often feel “entrepreneurial” when watching movies. I see a scene and it makes me think of the hustle,the energy of taking on new […]

Eve of Consenting Technology

Technology is at a turning point- we’re on the edge of next and what is about to unfold will effect everyone. We’re entering the age of Consenting Technology. It started with Subscription Based Living- think about it- how many things do you subscribe to- that define you.

Got wisdom?

During the last months Columbus Startup Week I managed to get snagged for a fun interview with the makers of Entreneato and Entreprenerds producers of a popular entrepreneur podcasts.

Something is coming…

We’re on the ‘eve’ of something new. My gut tells me that. Ideas, inspiration, that gut you have, that built in pattern recognizing generator of ideas. Its thinking and sizing up reality all the time.

Startup Pitching Presentation Tips – Tricks – Examples

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time working with startups and entrepreneurs on the exciting and often daunting act of “pitching”. The pitch is at the heart of the start when it comes to getting your ass moving.

Fun with pie charts and the startup scene in Ohio

Well last night I went to bed early. Too early. And now.. here I am.. 3AM and hanging out, awake, thinking. Always thinking.