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and we give you the option to choose your technology.

In this digitalized world, software plays a vital role in developing your business into a brand. To build and maintain the software, you require an experienced in-house team to work for 24 hrs. infrastructure to work on your IT requirements, and licenses of the tools that are needed to build the software

Instead of investing in in-house infrastructure, it is better to hire an experienced software development company like Big Kitty Labs.

Big Kitty Labs is a Columbus based Software Development Company that incorporates dedicated, experienced teams working on agile methodology with complete transparency to satisfy our clients.

Why choose us?

We give you the entire freedom to choose your technologies and framework. Our expert advice will always walk you through the latest trends and technology in the IT industry.

The combination of matching your requirements, your chosen technology, and our unmatched skills brings incredible results for your business.

Our uninterrupted effort to upgrade to new skills has turned us into a 10 years old successful company. We design your ideas, develop them, and provide complete support for upcoming changes and improvements. We live with our mission,

“Build a better tomorrow with sheer will, we will share our skills to make whatever you need.”

An incredible team of Big Kitty Labs has successfully handled prototypes and development needs with efficiency. Our software development service helps to streamline your business operations. The programs and tools get up a cost-effective way of handling big data. The project size does not matter, but what matters the most is your satisfaction with our development project. We undertake large enterprise projects along with a small size of the project. We are a dedicated partner, to turn your data into direction along with the guarantee quality work.

Working on different frameworks and technology is what we love. We bring you the diversity of tools, platforms, and technologies on one platform.

What we work on?

Software or applications for a business site, personal sites, business apps, or a customized tool we have touch different types of software development. From the past 10+ years, we have delivered over 300 projects to over 150 clients. Our returning clients are experiencing a refined and mastered development process for years. Our development expertise lies in,

  1. Web Sites and Web applications
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Enterprise Software
  4. Back-end Solutions
  5. Customized software tools
  6. API development
  7. Embedded system development
  8. Security software development
  9. Cloud computing
  10. System software development
  11. E-commerce Solutions
  12. System Integrations
  13. VR and AR Development

From imagining, discovery to creation of software, each step is considered seriously. We, the Big Kitty Labs a dedicated partner for your software solutions provide a dedicated client engaging team that turns your ideas into software. Right from knowing your business, your customers, and your requirements we get into all the nitty-gritty of tools. The requirements are noted to value your design, engage your customers, and create marketing opportunities for your business. We ensure the masterpiece applications created by Big Kitty Labs get you success for your amazing and incredible work.

How do we work?

Big Kitty Labs values the permutation and combinations in the software development process. The management working on the Agile process values the incremental developments adhering to the timelines. Our team values transparency and loops clients and stakeholders for every decision they make during the entire software development process. Our working style is based on clients and their projects. Our patience is tested by larger companies working with us for enterprise solutions and our quickness is applauded by the clients working with us on their business sites, mobile apps, and tools.

A stability application of application in any condition is necessary. A stable and performing application gets you more customers. While we work on developing the application we also take care of various testing procedures. These testing procedures are carried out to stabilize your product in any given condition. The testing process starts with mock tests, unit tests, functional tests, performance tests, and system integration tests. These are followed sequentially and thoroughly before it reaches our clients. The client’s suggestion, feedback, and changes are always welcome. We aim to complete these changes and challenges at a given time.


Client satisfaction is our ultimate aim and we starve for that.



Do we


Our incredible journey has led us to work with diverse industries. We could easily fit in with the business and its culture shown by these industries.

  1. Business to Business
  2. Business to Consumers
  3. E-commerce business
  4. Retail business
  5. Finance
  6. Healthcare
  7. Education
  8. Public sector
  9. Automotive
  10. Athletics
  11. Entertainment
  12. Logistics
  13. Research
  14. IT sector.

Our apps and tools are already interacting with customers as the clients make most of them. Our experience working with these industries is treasured. The domain knowledge is well utilized while we work with similar kinds of industries. Our prior experience and eagerness to learn new areas have made us adaptable to work with different sectors.


Big Kitty Labs loves to be part of your family. Our 10+ years is an incredible journey for us. From handling the enhanced technology, business challenges and client testimonies have encouraged us to provide extra services to our current and loyal customers.

From developing and managing your resources we take care of the safety and security aspects of your applications. We safeguard your networks and prevent breaches. Other services like risk management and assessments, threat detection, and penetrations are taken care of while testing. Your sensitive data is always secured by a protective shield around your assets.


We value transparent communication between all-out stakeholders, from the architect to the developers are involved and responsible for their tasks.

Our honest and excellent service has enabled us to provide high-performing software to increase your productivity and workflow.

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