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More people today are using their mobile devices than ever before. To be more specific; just over 50% of all internet traffic now is mobile. Brands, professionals, and retailers are also using mobile apps to reach their audience.

Innovation and uniqueness go hand in hand for Big Kitty Labs. With the current market trends and technology, we are on toes to perform our best when it comes to mobile app development. This is the era of fierce competition! Our customer-oriented approach increases your business’s pace. We open doors for the everlasting state-of-the-art mobile application.

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Why Work With BKL


We transform your imagination into a real app experience. Our team is well-experienced in mobile solutions and always renders top technical solutions to live up to your expectations.

We work on multiple frameworks, including Android, iOS, Ionic, React Native, and Flutter. Android and iOS development has been our existing client’s favorite. Our designs, wireframes and prototypes speak for themselves.


We first analyze your requirements and do the necessary research to give you the right plan of action. Our team will then prepare the technical plan and come up with a functional design.


We embark on the development process after the initial design process is complete. We use our vast resources to come up with a solid app structure. We will also provide updates, do thorough testing,  and the deployment of your app will mark the end of the development stage.

Support and maintenance

Big Kitty Labs monitors and analyzes the performance of your app consistently. Constant upgrades to fix bugs and general support will also be provided.
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Reasons To Consider Using An App


  1. Increased Client Engagement: Mobile apps have opened a new door for how businesses interact with their customers. No more calling or emailing! You can connect with customers directly through the app.
  2. Tailored User Experience: Learn what your customers like and keep giving them more. Mobile applications can allow businesses to track user behavior so you can give your customers more of what they love.
  3. Security & Performance: We keep your apps up to date, fast, and secure so that your clients can rely on you and keep coming back for more.

“Mobile apps are faster than websites; they are interactive, create a new brand experience, allow the user to work offline. As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.”

Jef Raskin human-computer Interface expert,


Business Mobile App Development
  • Increased Client Engagement: Apps give businesses a new, modern way to interact with their customers and build better business-to-customer relationships.
  • Advanced Analytics: You can learn from your clients’ behavior, or even learn from location data. If you’re a business with multiple locations then you can learn more about each one. On the other hand, if you only have one location, then you can learn more about when people are passing by.
  • Reach More Customers: Having a great app with a great review can go a long way; this is the new word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Stand Out From Competitors: Think of an app as a new-age digital storefront. Having a unique and beautiful app is how businesses distinguish themselves from their competition.

Turning your vision into our plan

Mobile apps have a tremendous capacity to reach many people at the same time. Once you decide to have a mobile app, we start by doing market research on similar apps.

  1. Research and Analysis: Big Kitty Labs starts by getting to know your business, your requirements, the purpose of the app, and your customers. Knowing your competitors, their features, their target customers and their revenue is something we also look at. This is a crucial time for us as we discuss with our stakeholders for a clear vision. Having a clear vision of features needed will better serve your customers.
  2. UI / UX Design: UI and UX designs act as an interface between our clients and their customers. They create the first impression a customer has.

Our UI / UX designing team engages in creating wireframes, style-guided mockups for mobile apps. Every pixel is taken care of while we design the blueprint. Communication between the design elements, imitativeness of the app, and interaction between the pages are thoroughly noted. Working on style guides and mock-ups for the app creates a final design for your app.

3. Development and Testing process: The approved designs are then developed. The selection of a technology stack is quite important for full-stack mobile apps. Once the app is fully developed and tested, it is ready to launch on your favorite platforms. We help you to launch your app on Android and iOS platforms. Whether it’s getting your mobile app through the review process in the Apple App Store, tracking its Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and its usages, or even maintaining your apps in the Play Store, our team is there to support you every step of the way.

In the plethora of mobile app development companies, Big Kitty Labs’ team creates a difference by engaging with a wide pool of talented, experienced creators that work on cutting-edge technologies. Our systematic, well-planned strategy starts by knowing your business and customers, your requirements, your market research, your style guides, and your mock-ups. Our team strives to be there 24/7 for the app content creation, app launch, and consistent app maintenance over time.

Our solutions revolve around the core ideas that fulfill your industry verticals. Our focus on minute details for custom solutions is cost-effective and completed in a timely manner. Our team is familiar with the hurdles in the path of mobile development. They work hard to meet strict deadlines with impactful UI and UX designs and end-to-end development for your customized mobile applications, providing you an edge among your competitors.

We are looking forward to working on your plans. For more information on our software development services here at Big Kitty Labs, contact us or mail us at