Managed Resources
Resource management for every size

Resources management is the allocation of acquired of internal and external resources that are required for the project. In large companies, the project manager is responsible for resource management, but in smaller companies, this is not possible. The allocation of staff or materials is difficult once the ongoing project is over.

Why is Resources Management important?

Resource management is planning of allocation of resources in advance. IT and software projects require infrastructure and trained professionals, allocating them at the right time in any project will give you success. If the resources are not used at its maximum capacity, you will end up having a loss in your project.

  1. Resource management gives an overview of the team members, software, and hardware utilized in the project.
  2. The resource utilization is planned with ease after the deliverables in the ongoing project
  3. Management and planning are done in advance and kept transparent.
  4. Unexpected problems can be solved by managing or planning the resource.
  5. Allows you to have control over the project and avoids the underutilization of resources.

Known the managing skills of Big Kitty Labs

We manage our resources through a reliable and comprehensive approach. Be it a start-up or enterprise, we create management models according to the requirements for each company. These solutions include,

    1. IT Outsourcing
    2. Consulting
    3. System support
    4. Monitoring
    5. Security solutions
    6. Proactive responses.

For any project, we first analyze the requirement with research to provide a plan of action. As we move towards planning, we identify the resources in terms of tools, software, hardware, developers, testers, project leaders, etc. Initially, two or three members join the project to kick start the project.  Later as the team grows the designing, development, and testing tasks are taken into considerations. Once the deployment stage is passed and the development stage gets over and most of the resources are managed in other projects.

The monitoring and performance verification of apps is consistently done with a few team members. Constant updates, bug fixing, and maintenance of the project are performed.


Process of Staff Augmentation


Big Kitty Labs.

The augmentation of IT staff involves the authorization of human resources based on their skills and project for some time.

Big Kitty Labs is highly dedicated to provide highly qualified staff at most affordable prices. We offer highly experienced and qualified QA engineers and developers in only two business days. We gradually grow our team to up to 50 persons, depending upon your need.

Our top qualified and experienced developers have in-depth knowledge of the backend, frontend, and various other full-stack frameworks. We provide a flexible approach to hire your team. The team comprises of a project manager, developers, and testers.

Hiring a team with Big Kitty Labs

Big Kitty Labs makes it easy to hire your favorite team. We hire full time and part-time team members as required. The members are augmented to respond to their business objectives.


  • Cooperation in projects – Expanding your in-house or temporary IT departments to the permanent ones is done with ease. We have solutions for your short and long term needs. For multiple projects, the same members are allocated in various projects according to their skills and requirements.


  • Professional and Motivational developers – Our professional and motivated team members get their work done. They start the project, handle the changes and challenges, and then maintaining them. All these tasks are done by a dedicated team.
  • Easy size adjustment – We allow you to hire one QA engineer and software developer for a short time. Later the team size is increased with maximum team members up to 50. You can reduce the team members during the closure of your projects.


  • Direct and transparent communication – We encourage our developers to have direct communication with the clients. There is no third party involvement during communication. We recommend everyday standups, weekly calls, and meetings as per the agile project management techniques. For long term projects, we recommend the retrospective after each deliverable. These calls, meetings, and retrospectives will encourage trust between the team. We are also open to arranging meetings during special occasions as approved by our clients.


  • Flexible management of the project – Managing multiple projects is quite difficult. We provide a one-point contact that efficiently handles and reports all the projects. The project manager provided by us is capable of handling multiple team members, having him onboard ensures good control of your team and their work time.

Benefits of having Big Kitty Labs on Board

Working with us is beneficial for you in teams of budget and resources. We provide,

  • Flexibility – We offer you quite flexibility in hiring developers for your own choice of time.
  • Accessibility – We deliver the resource team along with the account and project manager to ensure proper reporting. The project manager is responsible to look after the project and its progress.
  • Time-saving – We screen our developers according to the skill required for the project. You can directly work with our allocated team members, this way you save your project time and have a quick start with your project.
  •  The contract for hiring – Our developers are fully trained for undergoing any screening to ensure their capability. To know your team its best to have a screening on their technical and communication skills.

A gist of working with Big Kitty Labs:

As you select us to manage your resources, here is the quick view on how we proceed with your projects.

  1. Draw up and share your requirements with our team.
  2. Work with our selected developers or have a selection process through interviews.
  3. Share your project details with onboard remote programmers or QA engineers
  4. Regular reporting and monitoring of progress for managing the team and project.
  5. Project closure at a specified time.

Big Kitty Labs is very flexible in managing your resources. To hire and manage your resources do contact us or mail us @.  You will be delighted to have software development, digital management and resource management under one roof.