Our Mission

Build a better tomorrow through sheer will. We have the skills to make whatever you need.

Your army awaits! We are: designers, developers, strategists, dreamers, makers, stewards.

Tushar Kulkarni


Tushar is a physicist by training, a developer by experience, and a born leader by nature. His dedication to “getting things done” enabled Big Kitty Labs’ scrappy start. BKL’s early success with rapid prototyping and speed to market approaches which were largely engineered by Tushar’s keen insights and understanding of how to get project conceived, defined, and ultimately across the finish line.

Dan Rockwell


Dan is a respected leader in start-up circles as well as a thought leader for all businesses that want to embrace new ideas and culture in their organizations. His passion for innovation, new ideas and using technology to drive change is at the core of his ability to envision the possible beyond the impossible.