Our Work

Big kitty labs provide their best services and make level up to numbers of different clients.  By managing at different levels big kitty labs notched up many clients’ services and proof them by maximum results.

Here are some Case studies by big kitty labs just to make it easy to choose their services.

tnt services

TNT Compass

Big kitty labs maintain their name up to notch by their services.

TNT Services is a power washing company.  They manage a large fleet of trucks providing services across 3 states. They needed a better system to manage orders, provide logistics for their trucks and services.  They were building with 3rd party tools and spending a lot and not getting the traction they wanted.  We evaluated their business problem and proposed a comprehensive solution.  The result of a 30% gain on operational efficiency.

GoPolly / GoConnect

Events, conferences, they are a gravity well that bring people together.  But how can you leverage that instant community in real-time better?  Go Connect is a new startup that leverages real-time crowds at events to survey them, connect and promote networking, and generate new and relevant data from the crowd in real-time.

go polly go connect

The Hope App

Born from a group of pastors who wanted to build a better youth-orientated solution to micro-funding. The Hope team asked us to envision and build a concept for them.  The result was the Hope App, a micro-funding platform for churches.


30% of all businesses in the USA experience high turn over in workforce management.  Finding quality employees well fit for the job is hard.  Peerro is a workforce management startup addressing the problem.  They provide not only job opportunities but the pathway assurance that applicants can go through to guarantee them an interview with a respective employer.   The end result is a faster hiring process with better odds of retention.

software development company


Surgery is a complex dance of right time needs.  Patients, processes, materials, time, schedule, nurses- every case is complex.  Surgicloud addresses surgical case management in a comprehensive platform.  With a better process implemented, millions are saved in reducing error allowing for better communication, centralized organization, data and analytics, and a better bottom line as everyone can get paid faster. These all get easy for them with help of big kitty labs serivices.


With decades worth of experience in fitness, Columbus based entrepreneur Morgan Koth gained the understanding that everyone is different, and dietary needs and requirements are subjective to all of us when pursuing our fitness goals. He wanted an app that not only stewarded the user’s journey to their fitness apex but also learned about and understood what they needed. So, we built that app for him.

optimumu app