Zen, you’ve heard the word.

How the hell do we get zen in this mad mad world?  Its like the question everyone who’s building next wonders between the gazillion emails, slack posts, tweets, linkedin checkins, instagram posts, snappies, selfies, podcast rotations, youtube fail video relations and oh yeah made a bit of code to do or strategy to wonder about.

Ya need a few rituals, routines and odd ball tactics to achieve it.  Even then zen isn’t guaranteed.  In many ways zen is the “place” we all want to be.

I’ll walk you through what I do.

1. Audio Journal

This is something I’ve done for the past 11 years.  Can you believe that?  11 years of audio recordings just me, to me from me.  I record them on commutes to job sites, meetings etc.  Three to ten minutes, maybe 30 minutes a day.  Sometimes once a day, maybe twice, often never, but usually once a week for sure.  At all hours of the day.

What’s it do for me?

First it lets me release thoughts and get things off my chest- and that is a huge win.  Especially if i’m lugging around a bunch of fears, or bad feelings.  Toxic negative emotions erode the soul.  There are countless research studies that prove emotions while the very thing can lift us up can be the very thing to destroy us within.  Emotions change chemistry and all you are is chemistry.

2. Subliminal Therapy

Yeah you read that right.  I tried out this subliminal app a year ago and I swear by it.  It simply works.  I love the relaxation modes and I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction.  The law of attraction is not that much different than karma which is also something I believe in greatly.  While we’re at it, I also believe in paying it forward, and the universe.  Deep thoughts from catholic boy I know but experience time and time again has proven such things to me.  Like the gut feeling.  Or the coveted moments of synchronicity which I often experience in waves.  Cool stuff.

3. Improv and Laughter

Improv is a god skill.  That’s right.  If you can improv you can do anything.  You can sell anything, you can be anything, you can manifest in someones mind, anything.  Improv is pure creativity wrapped around an intent, an agenda, a projection skill.  Its awesome, and it either frightens the hell outa people or they love it.  Laughter is well, just that, laugh often.

Now those are just 3 things I swear by.  Yes I should have exercise, diet, and compulsive drinking (kidding) on here as well.  As a big guy I know I need to exercise, I’m working on it.  Diet, yeah that too, working on it.  Drinking, surprisingly it comes in waves really, I try my best not to supplement myself with such things.  Yes i’m known for my cocktail creations, thats just me prototyping with spirits, I love making new things.  Flavor profiles are fun to play with, scents and tastes open the mind.

Sleep is an obvious thing.  I love sleep. Oh there is a 4th thing.

4. Music

I always tell people you can tell when I’m depressed if I can’t cite a single song that is inspiring me at the moment.  If I can’t recall any one song that is got me grooving, I’m depressed.  What’s funny is that different songs do different things to me.  Pink Floyd is my renewal music- Dark Side of the Moon, Shine on Your Crazy Diamond, those albums rebuild me when I’m in the fog.  Drum and Bass is what drives me to sell or take on the impossible.  Techno is the grind, get it done music.  BigBeat is the music of writing. Industrial is the music of remembering my roots. Triphop or chill tunes are norm the pulse of the everyday mind.  Classical is the sound of recall, memories, family, clear thinking, new thinking.  Deep House is the soundtrack of ideas, creatures that demand manifestation.

If it sounds like i’m a little crazy, you flatter me so. Follow me on Spotify. I make 2-3 new curated playlists a month.  😛

As a bonus I make my own music, something I’ve done since 1988, and yeah its all improv one take recordings.  Think of the act of creation in that.  Sit down, make a song, knowing you’ll never be able to make that song again really.  Awesome.  Perhaps thats where I got started prototyping.  Every musician knows the intrinsic value of “shipping” the minute the notes or concepts in the mind get transcoded into sound thru an instrument, your act of creation has gone full cycle.  You’re making.  That’s a god skill.

There’s more and in time I’ll share others, like some really “what really?” ones later, I promise, stay tuned!

Hustling, making, building the future is really really really hard.  And no one gets it easy, if they did, they’re merely standing on the shoulders of someone who made the future for them, they didn’t earn it.  I’d like to meet the hustlers who didn’t understand the true value of earning something- those as posers.  Step aside, let me and my crazy friends thru thx.

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