A Google gMail extension for Chrome to help you navigate HARO better.

Scotts Miracle Grow

A mobile application for Scotts Miracle Grow that helped consumers navigate and engage the lawn care treatment service offering from the company.


Provides user experience research, user-centered interactive design and usability evaluation.  Long time client, we’ve had the privilege to create a number of research solutions for them.

Hue Electronics

After Hue Electronics acquired one of our customers products (iCreateToEducate) we continued to do work with Hue on their line of Animation Capture Studio cameras.

Kare Intellex

Kare Intellex is a mobile platform designed to enable caregivers to run an entire homecare visit through a smartphone, simplifying and automating patient on-boarding, care documentation, billing and claims submission.

Persistence Plus

Persistence Plus uses a nudge system to help motivate students in higher education to achieve goals, reframe obstacles, and take advantage of campus resources and stay on the path to graduation.


This was a fun prototype we built for our partners at Lextant back in the day.  Goal was to help test automotive car calling tech concepts.  We basically needed an automated person on a phone that would run thru scripts, play back recorded audio, and do surveys-  we used twilio and cranked out a concept […]


Another project with Lextant- BORIS is a transcript analysis tool allowing researchers to read hundreds of transcripts and easily locate common themes and other elements.


Born out of the Brandery incubator in 2011, LEAP was a goal challenging wellness platform.


An Amazon Mechanical Turk experiment asking users to articulate a recent brand experience that sucked in the form of an online ransom note generator.


Another app concept for our friends at Lextant- FACELOG was a mobile journaling application on iOS. Used as part of a remote data collection program, Facelog was before its time in todays mobile research marketplace.

Ignite Columbus

We’re co-organizers of the Central Ohio TED for geek event- Ignite Columbus. Pairing up with long time friend WylieMac, KittyMac has been keeping the spirit of Ignite alive since its first event in 2008. Learn more about Ignite.


A startup in Columbus, Ohio- MX is a powerful application builder for location apps.  We assisted with their backend, CMS and other aspects.  Much of their work is global now, we wish them the very best.


Quillt was a social network competitor of Path back in 2011.

Voltree Power

In 2011 we were on a hot streak in Boston capturing many gigs- one of them was with MIT research founded Voltree Power, building a data logging app for CircuiTree, teaching kids some pretty kick ass science involving trees and power.

WakeUp Startup

We’re a long time supporter for one of Columbus Ohio’s premiere monthly startup pitch event now going on its 6th year!  


DokuShot was an app we created for ourselves in 2011 that allowed a user to easily annotate screenshots on their mobile phone.


After our success with CueThat we applied the same engine to books and built a Google Chrome extension that allowed anyone to highlight a book in the browser and instantly schedule it for pickup at their local library.


CueThat was another concept that netted us explosive viral growth in 2012. The concept was a Google Chrome extension that allowed you to highlight any movie in the browser and instantly cue it up in your NetFlix cue.


GIFSpinner was a concept that took on the infamous Turntable.FM.  It combined GIFs and tracks from SoundCloud and served up chat rooms where people to could listen and laugh at the hilarious GIFs that would often get in sync with the beats.  Born out of Columbus Startup Weekend 2012.


One of our earliest concepts, HashParty was a twitter hashtag and social network profile explorer tool.


Created as the result of 45 days “build it” challenge for Columbus Startup Weekend 2009 – ChumpDump was a twitter unfollowing game.  It did quite well and landed us coverage on TechCrunch when it went viral.


FastBrowz is a Google Chrome extension that allows for faster Reddit, HackerNews and Amazon browsing.


Ground zero for Big Kitty Labs is our first concept called ParsePlz.  This was a mad hatter concept that dared to explore the origin and use of bookmarking systems in browsers.  The system was well ahead of its time and helped people find connections online via like link sharing and more.


Originally called Fling Kings this was a mobile app concept that allowed you to play city wide frisbee across town.  Fun!  


Warlords of Serendipity is poised to revolutionize your perception of passive gaming.


Witwami is a new startup in assisted serendipity, combining a rules engine with location and geofencing.


Harnessing the anonymous trend- Unmask is about to deliver a totally new take on messaging. Look for it in the app store soon!


Bylined helps brands, agencies, venues and publishers get real pics. In real time. From real people.

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