A Design-Driven Advantage

Bringing the designer’s mindset to all your business products and processes.  Out of our labs come people-centered products that make life easy.

Design Based Development

Design Meets Utility

Dynamic problem solving starts when engineers start thinking like artists.  We bring design thinking to you so your business has the design-driven advantage.

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Amazing Brand Experiences

When digital products impact users in a highly personal way, you’ve made their life a tad better.  The joy you create will become the joy you receive… in the form of brand love.  Here at BKL we utilize software development best practices to deliver an incredible app, built specifically for it’s designated users.

Design Focused Applications

Internal Alignment

Your own users deserve to have their world rocked.  Give them design-driven apps and tools to work with and you’ll see a thousand times the return, greater productivity, and increased alignment with the company vision

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Customer Loyalty

For their loyalty, customers expect a company to offer them transformation.  BKL uses design thinking to offer users an escape from the routine.  BKL can build you an app that will more than scratch the surface of extraordinary.

It's Time to Move Beyond Customer Engagement

The one-two competitive punch of great products and superior customer service is now just “business as usual”.  Engaging customers and users a current business trend.  It’s time to step up to business trends and insights and that motivate people to reserve a special place in their hearts for your brand.

Companies now must lead with design-driven thinking that puts them ahead of their competition by creating incredible brand experiences.  When you lead with design thinking, you’re looking at your users’ world with fresh eyes, no assumptions, and a completely new way to serve them with your products.

That’s what Big Kitty Labs does.  We start by looking at the world as a three-dimensional, wonderfully-diverse and connected place that can be captured in an app, a website, a system, or even a business strategy.  It’s a world where social media, websites, apps, internal applications, real-world experiences, needs, wants, hopes, and dreams all converge to create a fantastic web of highly personalized connections.

It’s from there that BKL draws insight on user preferences to create a brand experience for them, that will not only touch upon their core values but also make them embrace your brand.  This is what it means to apply design thinking to the task of increasing brand loyalty.