Product Hunt is a wonderful place.

Its one of my go to places everyday to surface up some newness, and yesterday they served up a winner!

Transformer is an AI assistive writer tool from Hugging Face. It basically reads what you’re writing and suggests things for you.

I took it for a spin yesterday and wrote a short story, something I’ve been doing a lot lately, writing for fun. I had a blast with this assistant writer who was just as weird as me. It was a fun exercise. This would be great tech to give to writers for writing exercises and just overall, keep practicing your craft kind of thing.

Writing short stories, especially on a word constraint is a popular thing online.  I often do these short story writing challenges for fun.  Its like another kind of prototyping for me, I love the instant creative output from the experience.

Writing with an AI that is kinda likeminded and not, its basically learning from you as you go was wicked fun.

As more clients get into artificial intelligence for building bots and related assistive agents, I find tools like this hugely inspirational.

Everything in BOLD is from the AI.

Majestic Calm on Mars 1, by Dan Rockwell

Before boarding your rocket to Mars, remember to pack these items and you’ll be able to explore the planet without refueling it at Musk Marriott in most cases.

“Seriously that’s what it said?” Jason looked at him.

“Yeah man, I didn’t make it up, what are you still going on about exactly?” Roger said picking up his grav boots.

The boots were worn and tattered from the iced water of a water bath in which a man was bathing in the cool waters. Sure that sounded kinda redundant but hell, they’ve been in space man, space.

“Look I can’t find it, I’m going down to the front desk.” Jason flustered and iced his drink.

Mars Millennium Dew, Musk edition. Seems like everything on Mars was Elon Musk related.

And of course he would go on to tell people that the rocket would only take 1–4 minutes to get down, it would take an extra 3 seconds for a launch, and the base assuming you did our calculations correctly.

“How do you drink that stuff?” Roger scoffed fiddling with the Amazon AlexaXL on the nightstand. He was very sensitive, and if he could find an Amazon Echo to use he might as well. The old models didn’t work much any more but he loved the portability. By now Earth was largely known as Planet Amazon and it would only be a matter of time before all hell would break loose.

The old Mars rover, called Mars Orbiter II, was in space when Mars first came into view and it would not even be a month until they got it to land at old Fisherman’s Space Port. At least thats what the flyer said in broken english.

“God damn musktoians.. look at them down there marching in the yard.” Jason noted staring out the port window watching the synthetic grass get trampled on by angry musktoian protestors.

Elon and his family would live on his farm and he would eat a bunch of the food they would get fed on the high hog of Mars 1, Elon City they called it.

“You’re still upset about ?” Roger noted, missing a thought. He had been slipping ever since the gate.

Jason nodded and left the room slamming the box door closed behind him.He proceeded down the core route of the Palo Grande, he took a few deep breaths to calm his mind.

Dr. Theodore Palo Grande, or GrandDaddy they called him, was Elon’s supposed number 2, together they built this hotel. Unfortunately ole GrandDaddy was sucked into their solar powered solar powered pond of space when he crossed Elon at board meeting back in the ‘60’s and the only thing Elon wanted for him was an apartment, this was after the failed gate experiments which ended up gifting Zuckerberg complimentary rights to the now discounted Back in Time Disney Warp Gate.

Everything was different now. Everything was different in the same places at the same time. Most people didn’t realize they were all copies of themselves. The universe was different and they had to figure it out and make it sane again.

After the failed time gates, the planet got focused on Mars again and set out to create a new civilization in a small part of space called the Neutron System, it was the first thing on their mind, it seemed as though everything that happened on that fateful day had long since past.

“Can I help you?” the woman at the front desk blinked at him noting his question.

But did he have a question?

Crap, he thought to himself, was he slipping as well? Passing thru gates often had a tendency to get you caught. Locked in a loop, expressionless yet made the same mistake. He could be tripping.

“I’m unsure the question to ask..” Jason rattled off as the musktoians began bashing on the blast shields in a silent roar.

“Don’t mind them” she said pointing at the stars. She said before the sound faded to the roar of the air and the dust in her lungs and she turned her attention to Jason as she tried to maintain majestic calm, a new form of space cannabis that was in the life support system.

It was like astral DMT but without the kickers.

She was well adjusted at this point and everyone on Mars was doing drugs and the buzzsaw that she knew was working in his head didn’t work.

He was too clean.

She looked him over. Blue jump suit, such a tourist. Yellow beaker hat with a white headband that made her face seem like he had seen some kind of monster and a mask and the white mask on the mask had been the only way to put his face into was nothing.

She was starting to trip hard as the lasting effects of majestic calm were slipping away from her.

She had to dose.

“Excuse me” she noted bowing down to sniff a smokescreen. No effect.

She would have to treat it in the next day or so with stronger dose or she would potentially doom or die. Though no one died any more, but you could clearly be in a state of doom.

Roger appeared next to him.

“I found the other room key.” he said staring at Jason who’s eyes were blazed out in the direction the lights were coming from.

By now the room was filling up with intense light and Jason could tell his body temperature was getting too high.

“I need to lie down..” He said stumbling to the floor. Gate sickness.

The woman scurried away afraid of losing her own state of calm.

Roger stared on as Jason collapsed, its not like he could die, and even if he did, he’d just be assigned his copy.

He strolled over to the blast shields and proceeded to taunt the musktoians. He made funky frocks noises that seemed to go from low-hanging frost to tumbling down the hill as his body shook and he fell on his… he fumbled with his AR goggles.

“Gah, I hate it when I leave that game on..” he said switching them off.

“Jason ya gotta see this, some musky kid, has 3 eyes dude.. god damn mutants..” Roger said staring down a 3 eye’d protestor who pounded on the blast shield mouthing threats he couldn’t hear.

Jason was out, he was suffering the effects of shock, and it seemed that Jason would get back to being normal. Climate control counter measures clicked in.

“Oh man…” Jason said getting up.

“Yeah you were starting to flatline there..” Roger said greeting him. “Anyways, here’s your room key…” Roger said handing him a green key.

Finally, they were complete. The protestors waged on as the light began to self adjust, the life support system had injected them both with majestic calm, and they were feeling it.

“Bar?” Roger said.

“Bar…” Jason nodded.


Crazy Fun

I really loved this AI based writing tool.  I could see it having numerous applications.  Play with it today!


Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

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