Startups are ridiculously hard.

When you work on as many startups as we do here at Big Kitty, you start to develop a kind of sense of things.  You understand complexity on a whole new level- not just in technology but in people, and how they have to endure the unknown with a kind of effortless grace.

For me I find myself watching movies and TV and making all kinds of startup, business model like concept correlations.

Take Star Trek for example.

I was reading online about the difficulty of startups achieving biz models that would work.  I read about the ups and downs of various founders, how they struggle, and I can relate.  Plus I’ve seen it over and over and over.  The complexity of things and I constantly understand and experience the notion of pressure.  Pressure to make reality work the way you want it to.

Ok and then yeah, Star Trek.

This scene where Scotty explains the complexity, the improbability of trans-warp beaming is hilarious.  He explains how hard it is.  How impossible it is to achieve such a thing.

Of course Spock is like from the future and he’s like here ya go, your equation of trans-warp beaming, but this initial take from Scotty who clearly knows his field having that witty banter of dude this is not possible is wildly refreshing to me.

It’s not to say I aspire to remember or recall or want the impossible, its just refreshing to hear this audacity that anything other than that is crazy.

And you can’t invent next without crazy.

You can’t disrupt everything without harnessing your crazy.

When Scotty sees his equation for trans-warp beaming he spots the crazy in his future thinking, he rethinks everything.

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