We’re on the ‘eve’ of something new. My gut tells me that. Ideas, inspiration, that gut you have, that built in pattern recognizing generator of ideas. Its thinking and sizing up reality all the time.

Lately for me, i’ve been struck with this notion of next in my head. Not really “next” and more of an ‘eve’ like as a society, the merging of multiple technology trends, along with society, business, and the overflowing consumption of everything and our culture is carving out a thing thats coming.

Think about it. We’re in the age of obvious- technology has helped us leap frog into fantastic realms of expression, photography, business, and consumption. We consume everything, the trend occurs and we consume it at a lightning pace.. but something is missing.

I sense the lack of substance. Today’s social networks allow us to share the obvious more and more, easier in every turn, but now we’re starting to shift, we need more context, more substance and at some point this eve will manifest into either two things or both.

First we’ll back track and re-adopt a legacy technology or trend, some 30-50 years old. My gut tells me, retroism, reaching back to the experiences of yesterday, be it before this mass technology crunch is more and more attractive to people. We yearn for the mixing contrast of the traditional and the digital life.

Second we’ll transform an existing medium and jump like a forest fire to a new concept or network.

I think the next big social network is at hand, or warranted, and definitely needed. Current platforms are iterating desperately to stay alive in our consumption view finder and I find them less and less appealing. But the network effect is out. We move as unified organism now on technology easier than ever before. This shifting mass can spot a new network or concept and adopt it overnight, only to drop it in the same time span.

We’re all digitally encoded, yet we wish for a simpler state of mind.

Legacy infrastructure is finally giving in to technology- at Big Kitty Labs we see so many new projects attacking old problems on legacy systems. The old way of doing things is fading big time. The new way of doing this is digital but everyone wants a better more traditional one on one experience in their products. Its now authentic to actually talk to someone.

For our startup clients this is an exciting time really, you have massive markets under attack and that means tons of opportunity opening up on legacy systems, and these kind of final frontiers for technology disruption: infrastructure, city planning, healthcare, automotive, logistics and more.

Keep your ear to the ground, something is coming.

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