Built for premier establishments such as churches, schools and others, The Hope App was designed to aid the process micro donations, and to facilitate one time and recurring gifts.

A good concept, for a good cause, Big Kitty Labs took this on to provide a number of killer elements to optimize the user’s experience.

One important part of this apps use is versatility, and we took that into consideration during the development process. We added the foundational use case, which enables the user to choose the organization they want to donate to, and also supports credit cards and ACH. Not to mention that the user can configure the account they donate from, how frequently they want to donate, and limit themselves on the donations they want to make. We also provide support for apple and google pay, meaning the more modern of the apps users can still pay, and there is a summary interface so users can keep track of their payments.

All in all Big Kitty developed an app convenient for both user and creators, to ensure the gift giving and donation process was as easy as possible and facilitated to the max.%%title%% – Big Kitty Labs | Startup Software, Android & iOS (iPhone) mobile App Full Stack Development Company

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