Based in Columbus, OH, Surgicloud came into existence when a group of domain experts decided to take on scheduling, coordination, billing and management issues that exist in their field.

We began to work with Surgicloud, and our team was able to rapidly deploy a prototype into the field, which happened to yield some really good results. Following this positive reception, we began to work with Surgicloud to construct the other extensions and aspects of the platform.

Since creating the remaining necessary elements, the platform we initiated has had tremendous success with streamlining the pivotal steps that take place before, during, and after all surgeries that they conduct. We did this by providing an improved solution to the paper copy model of billing surgeries through the use of more digital means to boost efficiency for the company, and the patient’s well being in the operating room and throughout daily procedures.

For more dimensional and user convenient use, the platform consists of various web dashboards that are paired with both iPhone and iPad apps, meaning workers can access and view important documents and files on multiple devices

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