When Peerro founder Rachel Angel, she was armed with just a PowerPoint and a desire to do good in the world.

After spending ten months working as a pharmacist, she opted for an alternate route. So, she created her non-profit and initiated work with inner city communities, where she came to the realisation that the opportunities there for students were not fully noticeable for the people they were targeted at. Rachel noticed how schools were failing,exposure to technology wasn’t high, and students weren’t going to college. Out of this educational crisis, came a very necessary and effective solution; and so, Perro was born.

Peerro is an app that provides clear access to immediate employment for 16-20 year olds.  These jobs are similar to entry level but with slightly more skill requirements, but they don’t take 4 years of qualifications. Rachel has ensured that the companies she works with shares her same ethos and passion for finding enough qualified workers and giving them opportunities in employment.

This is a great example of someone using their concept to do good in the world, and Big Kitty was fortunate enough to be there from the very start. In Angel’s on words; “When I got to Big Kitty I didn’t have a product- I had a PowerPoint. I was able to get a reliable product through working with them. After about six months its gone from a concept to where it’s being used.”

Not only did Big Kitty produce the interface of the app itself, but we really stewarded the entire process. After producing the wire frames and showed her what her app would look like,  we gave presence during his process of pitching to potential investors and customers. Once she secured the investments required we even acted as an interim CTO- giving a technical eye and presence to the operation. As Rachel focused on delivering her dream, we answered the technical questions.

Now Rachel’s dream has become a tangible reality, and her idea has come to life. All in all she was delighted with the work we did, and even had this to say: “It’s so valuable to identify people who can do what they say they can do. Heed my words, if you can get Big Kitty Labs to produce your product, you will save yourself a lot of heartache and you might tack a couple of years onto your life.”

After working with us Rachel has the product she wanted, and we made it possible from infancy on a simple PowerPoint, to what it is today.

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