The very first creation that they conjured up on this platform was The premise of this product was to boost the speed of consumption of information, and it worked by rounding up articles users encountered during their everyday lives, and auto categorizing them. The user would simply use a browser plug in and right click on the content to send it to their account, and Parse would do the leg work of running an algorithm that ran a sentiment analysis of the data, which identified like minded users of the product and gave them insight to their consumer patterns. In turn, this allowed them to provide their users with an efficient and effective platform for consuming information.

Users would receive a weekly summary of their info consumption that would tell them about the tone of the content they read, and the app was also available on mobile devices.

Parse didn’t break the internet, but what it did do was open up the creative minds behind this company, and demonstrate the fact that they have a passion for effective and efficient solutions.

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