Columbus based entrepreneur Morgan Koth has an extensive knowledge of the fitness world, as well as a certification that proves his understanding of the field. When he put together his brainchild that is OptimumU, he was well aware that he would need the right app that conveys his company message, and gets his product.

So, he came to Big Kitty Labs. With a decades worth of experience in fitness, he gained the understanding that everyone is different, and dietary needs and requirements are subjective to all of us when pursuing our fitness goals. He wanted an app that not only stewarded the users journey to their fitness apex, but also learnt about and understood what they needed. So, we built that app for him.

He worked in depth with us to ensure he got the app he wanted, and we listened to what he said and turned his desires into reality. This process was not just a success in terms of the functioning of the app however, as Morgan has become a close friend with Big Kitty, and in turn we have become part of the OptimumU tribe as well.

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