Go Connect, an application that was designed to build new connections and forge new relationships, are another client of Big Kitty Labs. The app’s concept was top class; a search engine of sorts that instead of finding images of cats on google, actually found people around you to help you connect with them and let your presence be known.

But, event this great idea required our expert hands to tinker here and there. Social networking is a huge part of everyones lives, and as it is embedded in everyday culture people are more open to the idea of new social media apps. Also, despite looking down at their phone, people are very interested in the activity of their surroundings, and are interested in what people near them think and feel.

To really give this app concept life, we made a few developments to allow the app to flourish, one of them being the connect map we added, that provides users with an interface to see who is near them, with a photo option as well for added specificism. We also adopted a feature similar to that of a Snapchat or Instagram story, but one that has a twist on the meet new people approach this app has, by placing something called a hot note. This is where users could introduce themselves with an image, message, or video, which was on display for people around them to see.

We also added something of a digital scrapbook known as the selfie book, where the user could store all of their favourite moments, memories and images, for the users around them to see. And for the interactive ones out there who love to be hands on, we installed something called shake phone, that filtered the connect map to provide more specific results on factors such as age, ethnicity and gender. Of course we also had an open chat feature, where users could engage with one another to make the type of new connections this application was designed for.

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