A concept that the company tried to take off for around 5 years, Flingkings (or Sling) is basically an app that takes the age old game of Frisbee to new and virtual heights. We originally manufactured this in 2013, putting together a nifty little app that enabled the user to build fun Frisbee and even load up images to use instead. The algorithm we put together also kept the Frisbee in safer zones as opposed to being in the more dangerous parts of the area like the middle of roads, and also let the user select the radius the Frisbee could go to.

This app never really got launched until 2016, when during one of our beer sessions friend of the company Max was insistent on us taking it seriously and giving it a launch. Almost to display his faith in the app Max took over marketing reigns and we made the move to port it from a PHP back-end to rails, whilst also renovating the UI/UX and adding sticky elements prior to launch.

Overall this was a great experience in producing high quality sticky apps, and even though the momentum of this product was killed by necessary rebranding we will be looking to release it again with some additional elements soon.

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