This Big Kitty Labs product came into existence in 2009. As we ventured more into the production applications, our research indicated a gap in the market, with there not being an application out there that allowed quick and effective feedback. Thus spawned Dokushot, a Big Kitty creation that was on the iOS and Android platform and enabled the user to capture screenshot, as well as annotate and send feedback.

During this time mankind’s approach to mobile device based feedback was endless screenshots and inconvenient clutter, and we thought we could provide an easier solution. When using Dokushot, the user could easily select images from their photo album or even annotate a live picture they took with their camera, making for a much more straightforward and simpler approach to providing feedback.

As well as being a genuinely effective solution this was also a usability experiment from our behalf on keeping annotation simple. With Dokushot we could annotate images with a simple red line, talk bubble, or call out list. You could control all these elements for an enjoyable and reliable form of annotation and feedback. We also dipped our toe in the lucrative monetized applications pool, as this was available on the market for $1.99.

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