Big Kitty saw that Twitter was coming up, and immediately set about developing ways to optimize the user’s experience, and the premise is the same for the next product. We’ve always been obsessed with developing efficient browser extensions, and so around 4 or 5 years ago during a brainstorming session we touched on the idea of scouting for movies on Netflix. After playing around a little with the Netflix API, we birthed our next app.

The name of this app was Cuethat, and essentially it allowed the user to add movies to their viewing schedule without entering Netflix itself, as they could encounter movies elsewhere. Users could also manage the movies in the queue itself.

All in all, Cuethat received very positive reviews. Several tech journals wrote about it and praised it’s impact on producing more efficient and user friendly experiences on Netflix, and as more and more users used the app we could actually produce movie recommendations based off of the data we received.

Cuethat was a hit. User’s reached around 30k, reviewers loved it, and we were delighted with the genuinely positive impact we had on our community of users. Unfortunately the application had to be retired as the API was decomissioned by Netflix, but seeing the strides this app made only spurred our creative desires.

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