One of those exciting projects was Chump Dump. This app was a very interesting take on the social marketplace that has been constructed since the influx of social media platforms, and it took on the opposite concept of Twitter; instead of encouraging a user to follow people, it encouraged people to unfollow people. Badge mechanics were in place in the app, and the user would be rewarded for reaching x amount of dumps.

Chump Dump was devised during a startup weekend back in 2009. As the adoption of twitter grew exponentially, Big Kitty aimed to provide incentive for people to clear up their feeds and get rid of the trash that may clog up their feed. This app was covered by several publications and it’s amazing to think that the app’s prototype product was designed over a startup weekend due to the work of the motivated startup weekend crowd.

Overall this app really encapsulated the spirit of the company in a jovial way. By ‘dumping the chumps’ on your feed you get a more efficient and less clogged social media experience, and efficient solutions are what we’re all about. Not to mention that by encouraging unfollows, we were zigging against the consensus zag; and we love to think outside the box and head in a different direction. Big Kitty Labs love to take risks.

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