What do Canva, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Evernote have in common? All of them are game-changing web applications built with the best development process, programming, testing, and practices in mind. However, the most central to the development process is web application architecture. 

A lot of tech entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the concept of web application architecture and its best practices. The same sometimes stop them from crafting a powerful solution for their business idea. 

In this blog, Big Kitty Labs will share everything critical about web application architecture to help businesses and entrepreneurs build sturdy and scalable web applications. Let’s first talk about what modern web app architecture is!  

What is web application architecture? 

Think of the structural frame of a high-rise building. It’s built using vertical columns and horizontal beams which are secured, bolted, or welded together in an undeviating grid so that the structure stands strong. In the virtual world, web application architecture helps in building this structural frame. 

Web application architecture demonstrates relation and dependability between application components, middleware systems, user interfaces, and databases. The framework allows a number of applications to form and work together synchronically. 

The app architecture determines how application components communicate with each other and perform user functions.

mobile phoneHow does modern web app architecture work?

If you are an 80s or early 90s kid, you must have downloaded songs from third-party websites. On clicking the DOWNLOAD button, it took 1-2 seconds to download the actual MP3 file from the server. Modern web application architecture works on the same principle. 

In most web applications, there are two different codes running side-by-side: 

  • Client-side code: The code that is present in your browser to respond to your inputs.
  • Server-side code: The code that is present in the server to address HTTP requests. 

The server-side code is accountable for creating the page that the user (you in this case) has requested and storing different types of data, including profiles and inputs. This code can’t be seen by the end-user. It is often written in C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby.

The client-side code is analyzed by the web browser. Unlike the server-side code, it can be seen as well as altered by the user. It simply reacts to user input. The client-side code is created using the mash-up of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It communicates via HTTP requests and is not cut out for reading files from a server directly. 

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Why web app architecture?

Web application architecture is the foremost stage of business software development. It won’t be wrong to call it the cervical spine of modern web apps. There are several reasons why you should put a good amount of energy into this:

  • Time and cost-saving: As we said earlier, it is the structural framework around which you will put all your components. If the foundation of your web application is proportionally weighted and rock-solid, the next steps are going to be both time and cost-effective. 

However, if you mess up web application architecture, all the other stages involved in the development of your web application will not deliver the expected results.

  • moneyScalability: Web application architecture allows you to scale up by adding multiple web servers. Let’s say you want to create a video-sharing website like YouTube and want to use more than one database. Good web application architecture will allow you to conscript a variety of databases instead of being locked into one particular technology. 

We hope you have clearly understood the meaning, working process, and benefits of investing in web application architecture. Now, let’s talk about the best practices! 

Web application architecture best practices 

Buddha once said, “If an egg is broken by the outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside.” The same goes for modern web app architecture. You have to ensure that it’s efficient and straightforward enough to enable smooth development and future enhancements. 

In the world of web applications, high-level architectures are indeed responsible for easier extension, testing, debugging, and comprehension. If you are not a techy yourself, it would be difficult for you to look over the quality of your web app from the outside. But with the right insights, you can certainly hold the development firm accountable. 

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Tell your development team to keep these rules and guidelines in mind for building ace app architecture:

  • It should be efficient 
  • Its system should be flexible
  • Its code must be reusable 
  • It could be easily tested
  • It must function consistently and successfully 
  • It should have well-structured and understandable code
  • It must be scalable in the development process
  • It should have fast response times 
  • It shouldn’t crash
  • It shouldn’t have a single point of failure
  • It must be simple 
  • It must use modern security standards

tablet deviceFinal words on app architecture 

We are not sure if there is a woman behind every successful man, but there has to be a strong architecture behind every successful web application. Solid web application architecture will grease the wheels for expansion and scalability by nullifying the need of making radical application changes in the future. 

With this, we have told you everything necessary about web application architecture. If you are building a web application from scratch, then, use our pointers while collaborating with your developers to get the vision, mindset, and direction right. 

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