Excitement is Contagious

We bring the startup mentality to enterprises, creating mobile apps that reignite the way you engage with your users, both old and new.

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Startup Strategy Isn’t Just for Startups Anymore

Enterprises Could Use a Little Speed & Innovation

BKL’s elite team is full of experts that are ready to deliver your dream app.

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A Product Designed by a Team that Embraces Innovation

Innovation happens when a diversity of ideas all come together to create solutions that make the world a better place.  BKL’s elite team works to deliver the best app design possible.  The Big Kitty Labs culture of innovation is over a decade in the making, with processes honed to create unique, custom apps so companies (both large and small) can stay relevant in the digital era.

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Business Trends Brought Instantly to Your Door

Big Kitty Labs has been working with startups for over a decade. We know exactly how to deliver the intensity of a startup.  Allowing you to get the full advantage of startup culture and current business trends.

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Delivering Apps that Serve Your Client Base at a Low App Development Cost

Your customers want to engage with you.  Show them you’re moving into the digital era right along with them.  Impress newcomers with a smart interface that draws them in and encourages them to keep coming back for more.

Startup Strategy for Enterprise

Moving at the speed of light tech is constantly evolving.  Innovation, iteration, and testing, are key points in development here at BKL.  Delivering constant improvement to your users’ lives is tough work.  It requires a mindset that’s truly 21st-Century born.  Making that shift can take time, especially for large, established enterprises.  Answering to stockholders demands can prove especially difficult.  Organizations struggling with transformation can ease the process by working with a partner like BKL.  We bring the startup mindset to your organization, merging our innovative processes with your own so you can move forward as quickly as possible on all your digitization initiatives.

Bulky processes and outdated customer-facing apps & websites are the hallmarks of organizations who are falling behind in a world of fast changes and customer-first attitudes.  Embracing new technologies can be painful.  Collaborating with Big Kitty Labs brings speed, innovation, and a customer-focused mentality to your door.  From discovery to research to design, your strategic launch plan is calculated.

We encourage you to get in touch to determine what we can do for you.  We’ll show you more, answer your questions, and generally give you the edge you need to transform your enterprise starting now.