Managed Resources

Safety, Security, and Controlled Access Are Our Priority

At the core of our services is security. Keeping your assets safe is our number one job and we will do it with devotion. With our extensive risk assessments, threat detection, and penetration testing services; you can expect us to put an unbreakable wall around your assets. We will safeguard your networks and prevent breaches that could cripple your company. By working with us, you will enjoy:

  • Easier collaboration and balance in the company
  • Smooth, uninterrupted operations
  • Guaranteed safety and security
  • Lower costs

Our Proactive Solutions

Worried about cloud security and storage problems? Big Kitty Labs has a tested backup & recovery solution that guarantees your protection. 

Data is the most valuable asset in any company today. The critical IT infrastructure of the company is the backbone of operations and all the data. Not only do our managed IT services allow optimal productivity in your company, but they ensure credibility through a single point of service. The infrastructure you have must be guarded vehemently and our solutions are ideal.Don’t wait for the unthinkable to happen, keep your resources secure today.

Work with The Best in The Industry

Limited management capacity, shortage of resources and reduced productivity are issues that face many modern companies. Your business solutions need to go through all these issues though. With our unique and value-added managed resources services, your organization’s performance will break new grounds. 

Big Kitty Labs is your specialized, dedicated, efficient and reliable companion. Safety and compliance are also crucial in the modern industry and we are the right partner to entrust. With our tools and skills behind the technical realms of your company, you will never have to worry about problems popping up.

Leave it all to Big Kitty Labs

Our managed services model is anchored on reliability. Our support system is comprehensive and we are keen on ensuring reachability. We are there for you whenever you need us. Our uncompromising managed IT services package has solutions for everyone.

Whether you are a startup or a big enterprise, Big Kitty Labs will develop a model that works for you. We also cover everything from implementation to operation and supply of data resources. We have various managed services. Some of our comprehensive solutions include: IT outsourcing and consulting, System support and monitoring, Remarkable security solutions, and Proactive response.

Strategy for Enterprise

Our Unique App Development Approach


We will first analyze your requirements and do the necessary research to give you the right plan of action. Our team will then prepare the technical plan and come up with a functional design.


We will embark on the development process after the initial design process is complete. We will use our vast resources to come up with a solid app structure. We will also provide updates and do thorough tests. The deployment of your app will mark the end of the development stage.

Support and maintenance

Big Kitty Labs will monitor and analyze the performance of your app consistently. Constant upgrades to fix bugs and general support will also be provided.

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