Everyone Needs an IT Department

The problem with IT departments is that they’re either on an incredibly taxing journey of transformation or you don’t have one at all.  Either way, Big Kitty Labs can help with Managed Resources.

IT Management cartoon

Why Commit Your Own Valuable Resources?

Cloud Security. Storage Problems. Backup & Recovery. Imagine handing it all over to someone else…

IT management Cartoon

Solve IT: Transformation at the Speed of Light

“Transform or die”- is there any other business function where that statement has more meaning… and urgency?

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Stay Safe & Compliant in an Unsafe World

Threats and vulnerabilities are mounting.  Those who don’t protect their assets are leaving things up to chance.

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Lower Costs & Predict Your Expenses

The functions of IT have ballooned to cover every inch of the companies they serve.  It’s time to rethink how you cover all the bases.

Leave it All to Big Kitty Labs

Things tend to go wrong when you’re busy making awesome products and services. Too many breaches, network outages, and other IT nightmares can eventually lead to business failure.

A cat may have nine lives but your business probably doesn’t.

Managed services ensures you’ve got someone to watch over your entire system, from software to hardware to your networks, calling out problems before they occur. Move from quick fixes performed on-demand to preventing the problems that need fixed in the first place.

Don’t forget that everyone’s on a journey these days.  Your IT department, if you have one, is on one of the biggest journeys of all.  The journey is long for IT departments, who need to transform, collaborate with business units, and bring value and impact to every business process in the entire organization.  We can help with BKL managed IT resources that lead to a better experience for your hard-working team, your business units, and even your leaders.