Tonight Big Kitty Labs attended Lean Lab a new quarterly event tee’d up in the new Cardinal Health Fuse facility on the north side of town. A cool space, nestled in a shopping center with nice modern digs, close access to bars and right across from the Wendy’s HQ.

Cardinal Health Fuse is a fresh new take on lean innovation and you can tell right away scoping out the space that they’re looking to get dirty and jump into data and learnings. The atmosphere is data, stories, war room style, process maps and more. Thats nice to see given how large Cardinal Health is and how much they can gain from both advocating the use of these methods but by exposing their ah ha road mappings to others.

Local dev peeps Neo and Taivara – Innovate. Accelerate. Launch. teamed up to present Lean Lab and brought in 10x home boys Acceptd – Join the world’s largest arts network to talk about key learnings in building their startup, obviously referencing lean aspects in their growth and development.

Lean Lab – Acceptd, how they did it, key take aways…

0, stumble- be open to stumble in the opportunity experiences offer you, meaning that all around you are opportunities embedded in stories and context, dig, align, find, leverage them. This a key idea at the start in that attending events and taking yourself out of your comfort zone to see new “stuff” is important. Much of this is happenstance, meaning you don’t know what you discover unless you discover it. Be open, stumble.

1, observation- once you stumble, observe, take note, see

2, rapport and conversation are the hall monitors of innovation, you get a pass and the data comes to you, acceptd embraced the conversation, they asked for it, much like asking for the sale

3, dean level access granted them rich conversation, enhanced context and got them close enough to would be wallet whipper outters,

4, understanding current process is important, the current as lextant would say is key, acceptd strived to understand the pain

5, customers are more that just feature waving dudes, they hold additional context, information, conferences, leverage lies inside your brain locked behind a door of which only a certain question will open, ask more questions

6, build a road map

7, critical pivot, universities wouldn’t pay, but students would

8, important to explore the full variety of customers all within the same vertical

9, while they noted not having assumptions was helpful at the start… that didn’t seem apparent to me, you always have assumptions likely tho the less favorable assumptions until data arrives

10, problem with customers, they all feel they are unique, as such acceptd had to listen and find the patterns and normals in the mix, have to read between the lines

11, key lean skill they use today- continuous engagement with the customer, observing how customers used their tools informed them of additional workflow issues they could address making their offer even more compelling

12, how did acceptd grow? by delivering on client expectations and leveraging the clients capacity to evangelize them and bring in referrals

Questions I didn’t ask…

1, List your critical pivots

2, describe your research process

3, what are the keys to relationship building?

4, how do you know if your current innovation approach is too safe? once you net traction you have more to risk, how to do you approach staying fresh and innovative?

5, what new data lies within the system now that you have fueled it, what new opportunities exist now that you have traction?

Why didn’t I ask these questions? I kinda didn’t want to ramble on. But good questions regardless.

Good stuff, Lean Lab looks to be a decent event, check it out next time.

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