The Lab: Our innovation center

Innovating Design

It started with the notion that a lab was needed to create and nurture original concepts. In 2009, co-founders Tushar and Dan took those innovations and created Big Kitty Labs.

This happened to coincide with the emergence of both mobile phones claiming the throne of media consumption, and Twitter’s meteoric rise to the heights of social media. With the traction smartphone devices received, Dan and Tushar hit popularity with the inventive widgets and games they devised in their newfound dreampool.

The work they conducted in creating new ideas and perspective acts as the foundation of the company today. The foundation of Big Kitty Labs was built. And that foundation still upholds the core principles of the company today.

The Lab Offerings

Digital Trend Briefings
Innovation Prototypes
Envisioned Future Exploration
Technical Proofs of Concept
Pilot Tests
Innovation Consulting and Mentoring
Trendblending Workshops
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