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Big Kitty Labs has been helping healthcare businesses meet their demands by providing the best technology and IT support for over a decade.

We have built numerous healthcare-specific applications that are actively improving the field!  Take a look at some of our past products here.

Our IT Footprint in the Healthcare Realm

At Big Kitty Labs, we understand the challenges that are faced by businesses in the healthcare industry. As a leading IT services provider, we will help you achieve smooth business operations. We have various solutions that you can depend on to ensure efficiency and productivity in your business.

Having worked with dozens of businesses before, we have just the right experience. Our compliance standards also meet those that are provided by authorities. We also help your business meet these requirements by assessing your company and providing strategic solutions. Some of the key services we provide include:

Custom IT Solutions

Web and Software Development

Mobile Technology and App Development

Managed IT Resources and Support

Why Should You Work with Us?

Big Kitty Labs boasts of vast experience in the IT industry. We have a great pool of talent that we rely on to provide the best solutions to our healthcare clients. We have researchers, strategists, analysts, developers, and other professionals. Apart from that we also have all the necessary tools and technologies needed in the industry today.

Combined with our unrivaled expertise, our adequate resources are allowing us to create industry-leading solutions. Our work is also relevant to all kinds of companies in the health industry. We serve everyone from businesses doing small practices to large companies in the pharmaceutical realm. By working with us, you will be opting for:

  • Security from modern cyber threats
  • Cutting-edge IT tools and technology
  • Innovativeness and support of mobile devices
  • A company that understands HIPAA regulations

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