Technology is at a turning point- we’re on the edge of next and what is about to unfold will effect everyone. We’re entering the age of Consenting Technology. It started with Subscription Based Living- think about it- how many things do you subscribe to- that define you. You’re netflix, hulu, fidelity, amazon prime, sat radio, hbo, audiable, dollar shave, trunk, candy of the month, wine of the week, your taxes by said service, your life organized by said thing. We live through our subscriptions. We’re monetized by the larger notion of daily life.

Technology didn’t just make things easier, it made us more monetizable.

And now we’re headed toward the future where you will give you consent- more and more. With the rise of autonomous vehicles, self driving cars, we’re gonna be faced with the clicking the disclaimer, the terms of this experience and engagement even more so. We’re you’re going to be filled with fine print legalese. We’re going to give up control to gain control. We have to join the hive to reap its benefits. The system is being designed from the ground up to not only cater to you but to cater to your fears, your weakness, and to enable you in ways where the virtual agents just get things done and we blissfuly move on- or do we?

Happily Ever After? Perhaps.

A new ecosystem is unfolding- are you poised to take advantage of it? Is your brand ready for what’s next? Are you seeing the opportunity? A river of potential is unfolding both inside the core trend and all around it. We suggest you stop thinking and start sketching, start plotting, start framing up your intersect with what comes next.

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