Digital Marketing

We don’t drive traffic, we drive leads.
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All the traffic in the world doesn't matter if you can't convert leads...

Achieving macro goals, through micro processes.

With 13 years experience in Sales & Marketing, BKL provides a unique and transparent approach to acquiring clients. By putting our clients first we get to know the product, industry, target market, and challenges your business face so we can lay out the perfect strategy for short term improvements which lead to long term goals.

We take our time to understand every necessary detail, which is how we are able to test, measure, and improve your digital presense in near real-time.

Why our process works

Discovery: We work directly with our clients to establish a transparent foundation in which we can lay our bricks.

Set-Up: After extensive research, we develop the ultimate strategy which we let our clients put the finishing touches on.

Execution: We work directly with you, the client, to perfectly execute the exact strategy we agreed on.

KPIs & Performance: Our systems allow us to measure every detail of our efforts, so we can report them back to you. In doing this, we provide industry leading transparency and are able to optimize and improve our strategy in near real-time. So we’re always working toward your goals – with you watching.

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Reasons to work with us

The proof is in the pudding

10+ Years Industry Experience

Our team has 10+ years Marketing experience. From creating direct marketing campaigns on a provincal scale, to long form content marketing, to driving leads through SEO, even advanced sales tactics.

Complex yet Simple

We get to know you and your business, so we can then get to know your audience.

Transparent KPIs

Transparency is both key to success, and very intimidating to a lot of people – but not us. We provide real, and raw metrics so our clients always know what’s happening, and what they should expect.

Lateral Thinking Approach

Our unconventional methods focus on sales & retention, not just driving traffic.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Brand Positioning

We work directly with clients to develop the brand reputation they hope to achieve.


Our SEO services help our clients get found, by who they want to be looking for them.

Sales Tactics

Our advanced (yet simple) sales tactics focus on higher rentention, and return business.

Content Marketing

Content is king. It's how Search Engines find you, and it's how your customers get to know you. Connecting with your audience on a deeper level is why they come back.

Client Journey

Our processes allow you to capitalize on your user interaction, by taking them through the wonderful experince which ends in you getting sales.

Web Design

Did you know that colours, shape, positioning, and word choice will influence your customers mentality? We do, and that's why you see web design in the Marketing section.

See What Our Clients Say

Micah Mossman, Pueo Business Solutions

“To build out a new capability, I thought I’d use a freelancer to save money and prove my capability. After months of pain, I realized that I needed a more capable team. A trusted friend referred me to Big Kitty Labs, and I have not been disappointed. Everything from requirements, to customer engagement, to development, and development/testing was addressed with exceptional quality. I am now on my third project with Big Kitty Labs, and hope to continue working with them for many more.”

Dawn Dickson, PopCom

“PopCom’s overall experience working with Big Kitty Labs is a model of how exemplary it can be when working with the right software development group. It was important for PopCom not only to partner with a team with the requisite engineering skills who would take ownership of the entire development process, but work very collaboratively with us and be available and interested in doing so. The Big Kitty Labs role includes working closely with our other business partners involving forward-planning for our IP, customer implementations and revenue generation and it has been highly honorable and trustworthy in doing so. CEO Dan Rockwell has distinguished himself—and his team—as a extension of our business strategy thought leadership and driver in our business model innovation as well as software development.”

Terri Moore, TNT Services

“Big Kitty Labs created an innovative software system that automates previously manual processes. The system significantly increases daily efficiency and continually generates tangible success. Executive-level engagement yields proactive communication and creative brainstorming.”

iLincscorp, TNT Services

“I engaged Big Kitty Labs and my only regret was that I did not hire them years ago. Their personnel are highly skilled and more importantly extremely motivated to provide the customer full satisfaction. And just as important, they are great listeners and truly interested in understanding the workflow processes and talk through suggestions for improvement while not being overbearing. Big Kitty also is great at project management and managed expectations.”

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