Transformative UI and UX Design

Looking to build an intuitive mobile app that inspires loyalty to your brand? Try our tested design methods that give you more value for half the cost. We take our time to come up with top-tier custom mobile applications that are a joy to use. We have an efficient design process that takes into account the modern market needs. All this is done promptly and efficiently. We always ensure to give you a great product quickly so that you can get back to the market to focus on your next goals.

Enabling Engaging Experiences

We will help you chart a design journey that will ultimately lead you to success. We don’t just give you the standard app or web design and upgrade. We go the extra mile of exploring insights on how your customers are likely to react to different design experiences. We believe that an all-rounded experience should incorporate great looks, practical use, and unmatched utility. Our focus is thus on the end-user.  Our comprehensive — but not exhaustive — list of capabilities includes:

  • Web DesignMobile UX and UI DesignVR and AR DesignDesigns ConsultingRapid and interactive prototyping

“Results are at the core of our design process. If a procedure doesn’t work, we cut it out and incorporate other alternatives that are guaranteed to give you growth. Our tested methods will increase customer participation”

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How We Can Deliver Performance and Functionality to You

We will analyze your needs and come up with functional designs. By choosing us, you are opting for a partner that understands data. Our experience lies both in the technical realms of efficient design to the analytical realms of data strategy. We will deliver performance through speedy and feature-rich apps that are simple to use. We understand the importance of simplicity and user-friendliness. Both the aesthetics and value we provide will be immediately recognizable.

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What Does Our Process Look Like?

With a stellar quality control team in place, you can only expect to get the best from our labs. We give special treatment to the design such that the final product appears pristine and flawless.
Big Kitty Labs values creativity and innovativeness. We give every product thorough treatment and our extensive design process includes:

  • Data collection, research, and analysis
  • Interface design
  • Thorough testing
  • Design assessment and review
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Established Tradition of Delivering Quality

At Big Kitty Labs, quality is at the core of all our product designs. Our long experience in the industry has allowed us to leverage our resources to deliver services that work. We have the latest tools and technology to ensure aesthetics, value, and unbeatable performance. We don’t just aim to be at par with the market standards. Our mission is to always lead the pack through innovative and creative new designs. Our approach has been tested and proven to work. You can explore testimonials from our happy clients.

Beauty Only Scratches the Surface

Beauty attracts the eye but it doesn’t make up for a lacking user interface.  Improving a website isn’t just shortening wait times.  BKL can increase your sites user experience allowing for an overall increase in client satisfaction.  Whether you need to improve the purchasing experience or general user experience, it all starts with a fully-fleshed out research process.   Before we even begin to think about creating beautiful websites,
we perfect the user experience.

While working in our lab, we never deviate from your idea of perfection.

Only after we completely understand the customer journey do we begin research.  We consider your target audience, and contour your application to appeal to them.  Interested in having us create some lab-based awesomeness for your business? We’re just a click or call away.  Give us a call and speak to a real-life BKL team member who can tell you all about our software development cycle and how you can get started today.

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