Lab-Created Perfection

Here at BKL our focus is you, and the product we deliver.  Our team is comprised of programmers, strategists, project managers, and business analysts.  Our teams’ diverse skills enable us to deliver a user-centric app created using software developments best practices.


Design that’s Beyond Beautiful

Which sounds better:
A team of web designers working on an application OR a cross-functional team of experts designing your application in a lab, to meet your every need?

At Big Kitty Labs, beautiful design is a given.  In fact, it’s just the pretty icing on the functional, intuitive, customized cake.  In everything we do, it’s what goes on behind the scenes that really makes a beautiful digital product.

What’s Behind a Pretty Face?

Intense User Research to Ensure We’re En-capturing Your Target Audience

Your website is the hub of all that you do so it needs to be functional, not just aesthetically pleasing.  If your visitors are unimpressed with an outdated site, they won’t bother giving you their business.  Don’t give them a reason to look elsewhere because of an uninspired, unresponsive, and unintelligent design.

Informed Design that Speaks Your Language & Doesn’t Mess with what’s Already Working

BKL is a superior team because we’re superior listeners (we all have big, cat-like ears!).  Tell us all about your unique vision and we’ll transform it into a website that speaks to your target audience.

A Website that’s Backed by a Comprehensive Digital Strategy so You Get Real Results

Design that’s action-driven is engaging because it feels like it was tailored to each individual user.  That’s why we think of ourselves as a lab – constantly researching, and reinventing ways to provide a more customized digital strategy that will help your business evolve and grow.

Beauty Only Scratches the Surface

Beauty attracts the eye but it doesn’t make up for a lacking user interface.  Improving a website isn’t just shortening wait times.  BKL can increase your sites user experience allowing for an overall increase in client satisfaction.  Whether you need to improve the purchasing experience or general user experience, it all starts with a fully-fleshed out research process.   Before we even begin to think about creating beautiful websites,
we perfect the user experience.

While working in our lab, we never deviate from your idea of perfection.

Only after we completely understand the customer journey do we begin research.  We consider your target audience, and contour your application to appeal to them.  Interested in having us create some lab-based awesomeness for your business? We’re just a click or call away.  Give us a call and speak to a real-life BKL team member who can tell you all about our software development cycle and how you can get started today.