Dan the Speaker

Meet Dan Rockwell

Dan’s passion for innovation, new ideas and using technology to drive change is readily apparent within the first few minutes of conversation. At the core of this is his affection for technology and his ability to envision its use to make meaningful change by seeing the possible beyond the impossible. Despite his love for all things technology, Dan is relatable, personable and quickly connects with audiences by engaging them and creating conversation.

A well-recognized thought leader

Dan is a leader in the innovation, startup and entrepreneurial circles, Dan consistently engages and entertains audiences with his quick wit and keen insights onto what makes for success. His background in varied:

  • With his early roots in consumer and customer research as a leader at the research firm, Lextant.
  • Dan was a part of The Ohio State University’s Technology Commercialization Office where he was brought in to improve the marketability of intellectual property through proof of concept exploration and enablement.
  • His participated in and won the very first ever Columbus Startup Weekend ever! Meeting his business partner, Tushar Kulkarni, in the process and leading to the founding of BKL.

Recent speaking engagements:

Startup Weekend
Startup Week
Ohio Manufacturers' Association
WakeupStartup (Co-Host)

Speaking Topics:

Innovation from napkin to realization.

Why You
The “why” you’re doing it- basically recognizing that itch you have in something you see could be better- and what are the next steps to do that.

Technology Orbits Us
How technology and trends orbit humanity, the key isn’t the tech its the timing.

Hacking your Way to Momentum
Through a change in mindset, expectations, tricks, tools and people.

University Intellectual Property
Leveraging university IP for your commercial gain.

What Venture Capitalist Believe
Revealing the truth behind what motivates and inspires VC.

Product Leadership
How product management is changing.

Embracing Risk
Explore new pathways to getting started on your big idea.

Pitching 101
Its less about winning and more a confidence game.

Stewards of Possible
Be the light at the end of the tunnel for your customer.

Unleash Your Army
Learn the art of crowdsourcing and how it can revolutionize your business.

How to Talk to Developers
Key insights on developers think and what they might fear about you.

Startup Fears
Common founder fears about starting your own company and how to get over them.

Practice Makes Future
How practice is the key to success in just about everything.

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