Custom Mobile App Development

Work with the best mobile app developers in the industry to propel your company to success. At Big Kitty Labs we pride ourself in high quality custom mobile app development, we design modern, fluid, and highly functional mobile apps that will ad value to your business.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Big Kitty Labs helps you build a feature-rich, fast, and intuitive mobile app within the shortest time possible. With our extensive experience, we cover all aspects of the research and development process. You can also expect to get great communication from us right from the inception to the launch of your app. Some of the areas we cover are:

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Android App Development & iOS App Development

 We have an extensive specialty in the iOS & android realm, and our products will help you satisfy the needs of the big fanbase on these platforms.

Design Centric Mobile Apps

Native App Development

Our native app development approach ensures that you have functional apps that allow for code reuse.

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Web Apps and Hybrid Apps

The world is increasingly embracing apps that function both on the web and as standalone options. We will develop an incredible backend and support all your hybrid and web apps.

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Our Unique App Development Approach

To ensure an all-around comprehensive development process and value, we will use our Big Kitty Labs development approach which guarantees you of optimal support. By choosing our approach, you will be opting for a long-term partner who will be there whenever you want to break new ground. Our app development approach comprises of three key stages:

  1. Conception

We will first analyze your requirements and do the necessary research to give you the right plan of action. Our team will then prepare the technical plan and come up with a functional design.

  1. Development

We will embark on the development process after the initial design process is complete. We will use our vast resources to come up with a solid app structure. We will also provide updates and do thorough tests. The deployment of your app will mark the end of the development stage.

  1. Support and maintenance

Big Kitty Labs will monitor and analyze the performance of your app consistently. Constant upgrades to fix bugs and general support will also be provided.

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