In every academic research institution lies half billion or more in research innovation attempting to find its way to market. Commercialization is that process to take concepts from the lab or research paper and bring them to life.

Leverage your intellectual opportunity.

We have solid track record in helping universities turn their what if’s and could be’s into startup narratives.  We help propel your economic development by evaluating your technologies, craft marketable positions and manifest full on venturable startups.

Ideation Sprint

ideation flows

Understand client challenge
Problem articulation
Environmental constraints
Wants versus needs
Goal definition

Collaborate with stakeholders
Gather inspiration
Sketch possibilities
Design experience

Sprints and iterative development

Innovation Roadmapping
Embed into strategic planning

Commercialization Capabilities

Opportunity Mining
IP to Pathway Assessment
Commercialization Strategy

Opportunity Mining

Odds are you’re sitting on your disruption.  You have years of intel in your own org, you just need to get it out.  Recognizing and identifying opportunities is harder than it sounds. While some things seem obvious and self-identify as “low-hanging fruit” frequently that simply isn’t the case.

We’ve defined methodology designed to help organizations mine for innovation opportunities.

Understand Where and What You Are

Everything starts with a conversation.  We evaluate your “now” state.  What is the now that is your business?  Understanding where you are in your value proposition, your product, to the roadmap you’re on and the people you employ to the what you are, your brand represents is the first step.

Enable The Could Be

The trick to dreaming is being open to dream.  Once you know what you are, we dive into what could be.  Technology is just part of it.  A big part of it is understanding how the population intersects with technology and your product position, brand narrative and then its a question of fit, timing and execution.  But before you go there, we need to mine for what we think could be.

This offer is customized per client request but typically involves 3-4 in person meetings, some in the form of workshops, along with an analysis and reporting.  In some cases conceptualized software prototypes to showcase idea enablement.