Software Commercialization

Leverage your intellectual opportunity.

Billions of dollars worth of ideas are sitting in academic research institutions. Software Commercialization is a process where your innovative concepts are brought out of the lab and into the market.

Big Kitty Labs’ success is built on turning “what ifs” into successful startups. We help propel your financial success and profitability by evaluating your ideas and developing your technologies.

Ideation Sprint

Ideation Chain

Understand challenges
Identify constraints
Prioritize wants vs. needs
Define the end goal

Collaborate with stakeholders
Gather information
Ideate possibilities
Design for user experience

Create prototypes
Analyze feedback
Optimize products

Develop innovation roadmap
Create strategic launch plan

Commercialization Capabilities

Opportunity Mining

Opportunity Mining

IP to Pathway Assessment

Ip to Pathway Assessment

Commercialization Strategy

Commercialization Strategy

Opportunity Mining

We’ve defined methodologies designed to help organizations mine for innovation opportunities.

Innovative organizations have years of intel and ideas stockpiled. What’s often missing is the development plan and market strategy to capitalize on that knowledge. Recognizing and identifying opportunities is harder than it sounds. While some things appear to be “low-hanging fruit,” frequently that simply isn’t the case.

Understanding You

Everything starts with a conversation.  We start by listening and understanding where you are now. We submerge ourselves in your value propositions, your products, and your innovation roadmap to fully understand your brand.

Enabling the Possibilities

The key to successful innovation is being open to innovative ideas. A solid brand identity is the foundation from which we build innovations. Technology is just a part of your brand identity. More important is understanding how your customers utilize technology and your products. We collaborate to leverage a comprehensive understanding of your customer base to develop the innovations that will suit their needs of tomorrow.

Through meetings, workshops, analysis and reports, we’ll work with your key stakeholders to conceptualize your next big offering.

Understanding Commercialization
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