Few people know it but I spent about six years working in Japanese Animation. It was a fantastic time really, basically my first startup experience before I even knew what a “startup” was.  This was back in the mid 90’s.  I just got outa high school, was working in video production as salesman selling high end video production gear.  There’s a whole story there but basically I got in early

I know it seems a bit like we’re on a samurai theme here… but Ronin is the Japanese word used for Samurai without a master.  This is another great must see movie with several startup, entrepreneurial and software agency like lessons, reflections and moments. WHAT DO YOU USE SCENE There’s a special kinda language or verbal protocol amongst nerds… what do you use?  Everyone trades tools, frameworks and programming languages as

Yesterday I was asked my thoughts on organizing, facilitating and overall what I would do differently on teeing up a Startup Weekend like event.  It pulled me back into the reaches of … ‘Oh yeah…” what would I do differently.  I haven’t organized or put on a Startup Weekend before but I’ve been a participant, a judge, a speaker, a mentor and an advocate of the scene for quite sometime.

The Last Samurai is one of my favorite movies of all time.  I love the story, lore and history of Japan.  The culture is calming to me, centers me in a way I can’t easily explain.  Its so alien to me yet welcomes me.  In the Last Samurai we have the classic tale of the fallen war hero dragged back into what he does best.. killing.  Along the way he

Boom!  Did that get your attention? Trend spotting Innovation It’s time for a bit of a ramble.  A trend I keep noticing.  The fortune 1000 are up to some interesting tricks of as late- staged innovation acquisition is one of them thats becoming more and more prevalent.  What’s that mean exactly?  First I love the phrase, to me it conveys this pipeline like process to acquire innovation. It used to

Signal Scene Contact is a fantastic movie but its also one my favorites when I think of “startup moments” that twinge in your gut, the rush of seeing something you think and know is true, its like a defining moment in your leap into next and you’re really just addicted to those moments. Its all about the audio design here.  The pulsing signal, that nudge that gives you that moment

Zen, you’ve heard the word. How the hell do we get zen in this mad mad world?  Its like the question everyone who’s building next wonders between the gazillion emails, slack posts, tweets, linkedin checkins, instagram posts, snappies, selfies, podcast rotations, youtube fail video relations and oh yeah made a bit of code to do or strategy to wonder about. Ya need a few rituals, routines and odd ball tactics

Startups are ridiculously hard. When you work on as many startups as we do here at Big Kitty, you start to develop a kind of sense of things.  You understand complexity on a whole new level- not just in technology but in people, and how they have to endure the unknown with a kind of effortless grace. For me I find myself watching movies and TV and making all kinds

No. You need two things typically but today I guess I’d add one more thing. And these are all either or aspects. You have money. Your product made money- that seems like a win at first but its not. It has to reveal how you made money and often raises more questions that can actually kill investment too early if folks get spooked on the notion of how you scale.

Self delusion, however this is one of your greatest powers. But you can be self absorbed into your own delusion of how something should or could work. Now i’ve done this myself but when i do this, i treat the whole concept as an experiment lowering the expectations and the guilt load of how the thing turns out. But when people do this and with a high guilt load and

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