Today I logged into Linkedin and was reminded of an old gold claim I done and possibly forgotten. A tip to anyone who wants to claim influence, be on the fringe, it has its rewards.  I started the first ever Amazon Mechanical Turk group on Linkedin, before even Amazon itself took the product as seriously as I did.  Today it sports over 3000 members and every week I get about

Your fantastic app – it’s beautiful – changes people’s lives, has a gazillion downloads and is going to make you a boatload! At least it is in your head… so just how do you convert what’s in your head into app reality? OK, there’s already lots advice on that – but here’s our suggestions for what NOT TO DO … DO NOT … 1 Think your idea is completely unique

Congrats you’re part of the generation who has endless ideas.  We see this all the time, people have an idea and they jump to the make, and of course you need someone to help you make your idea real, and we can do that.  But let’s just slow down a little bit here. Consider doing a bit of research before going all in.  There’s always a few different things you can

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