Staged Innovation Acqusition

Boom!  Did that get your attention? Trend spotting Innovation It’s time for a bit of a ramble.  A trend I keep noticing.  The fortune 1000 are up to some interesting tricks of as late- staged innovation acquisition is one of them thats becoming more and more prevalent.  What’s that mean exactly?  First I love the…


Zen Routines Will Make You a Better Hustler

Zen, you’ve heard the word. How the hell do we get zen in this mad mad world?  Its like the question everyone who’s building next wonders between the gazillion emails, slack posts, tweets, linkedin checkins, instagram posts, snappies, selfies, podcast rotations, youtube fail video relations and oh yeah made a bit of code to do…

Eve of Consenting Technology

Technology is at a turning point- we’re on the edge of next and what is about to unfold will effect everyone. We’re entering the age of Consenting Technology. It started with Subscription Based Living- think about it- how many things do you subscribe to- that define you.