Augmented Reality (AR): Working Towards Reshaping Industries

Do you remember the characters in these sci-fi movies, “Iron Man”, “They Live”, “Minority report”, “Avatar” observing the superimposed view placed on the real environment?


Did you ever play the Augment Reality (AR) game Pokémon, displaying the hidden virtual Pokemon in the user’s space through an AR application?

Though the implementation of AUGMENTED REALITY is different in movies and mobile apps, it is the same technique that makes us wonder about different ways the technology is used.

Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes the virtual view over a real environment using a digital interface or sensory devices. The day is not far when the AR Andriod application development will guide us with its computed defining the freshness of fruits and vegetables displayed in the market.

Thanks to mobile application development companies, Augmented Reality is now a part of our life. Software development companies in Columbus like Big Kitty Labs are ready to develop apps or websites that work on Augmented Reality software design patterns. The Android programming leads to apps like Augment, Sun-Seeker, and website development has developed augmented reality browsers like ARGON4, AR Browser SDK.

Let’s check the predictions for Augmented Reality in 2020. According to Statista[1], the AR/VR market amounted forecast of 18.8 billion U.S dollars in 2020 and will be expanding in the coming years.

Now let’s see the changes industries are embracing as they create e-commerce websites using AR.

AR is coveted technology, companies are leveraging the benefits of cloud-based apps and IoT are now are ready to explore the AR into their fields. Augmented Reality works on computer vision-based recognition algorithms to augment the data in the form of sound, video graphics, or sensor-based inputs using the camera. For industries, Augmented Reality increases the efficacy and efficiency of employees by its quick solutions during the on-going process.

Here are different industrial sectors that are leveraging the benefits of AR.

1) Manufacturing industries:

The cloud-based services and mobile applications that integrate with Augmented Reality devices like smart glasses display critical information to the workers to be operated on their equipment. Since the introduction of Google Glass, multiple vendors are delivering smart glasses that contain sensors, audio, see-through display, HD cameras, integrated sensors, and gesture activated controls. Augmented Reality also helps in connecting remote workers to accomplish their critical tasks while they are away from their workspace.

2) Healthcare:

Healthcare is an essential sector for Augmented Reality to create change. Software development services can develop Augmented Reality apps to display the 3D structure of bones or aliments easily to patients and students.  Augmented Reality apps make Medical classes interactive by imposing 3D organ images.

AR apps developed for critical situations like surgery display the exact location and other details during operations.

Pre-recorded sessions or live interaction with the mentors using Augmented Reality devices create wonders in OPD rooms.

3) Education:

AR makes a huge difference in the education sector. The engaging, interactive classes with 3D images stimulate kids to learn the concepts. Applying gaming elements of AR, boring topics can be interactive. AR stimulating class as a forest or a gym studio will enhance students’ performance.

4) Marketing:

Static marketing can be turned interactive. Augmented Reality based-storefronts, posters, billboards, videos, or 3D images will get good leads.

5) Fashion:

This industry has a lot to gain from AR. Creating a customized AR app for the store with minimal app development cost could save you the fortune. Let customers try using AR apps to pick a beauty product for themselves. This saves time while assisting customers to make the right choice without applying cosmetics.

6) Traveling:

The 3D view of hotel rooms and tours of the upcoming events enables clients to anticipate visits to nearby events.

For example, Airbnb is using AR and VR to enhance the experience of the traveling of its customers. Before the trip, VR connects customers with destinations whereas AR will reduce the travel obstacles by allowing the customers to know about people and their culture.


7) Retail and Showrooms:

With the help of eCommerce website development companies retailers can transform themselves to use AR devices. A home shop or supermarket the items displayed using AR. The app on electronic items such as displaying the items inside and its quantity. The apps or smart glasses locating items displaying their details with a price tag. AR apps translating the foreign language make the customers satisfied while purchasing the items.

Displaying home supply items in the customer’s personal space like a backyard or bedroom. This gives a better idea to the client about the spaces they need to utilize before they make a big purchase.

3D of upcoming car models could increase the sales before it’s launch.


8) Food industry:

AR apps designed by a software development company to scan food and display their nutrition values are useful for chefs. The chefs can experiment with dishes that customer prefers to have.

AR-based campaigning can encourage the customers to feel the ambiance and service using the AR app.

9) IT and Enterprises:

IT businesses are scattered over the globe. Constant communication and updates are planned before and after the day. AR projections during meetings enhance face to face talks. It improves engagement among stakeholders. Apart from creating visual augmentation of a person, it is good to have language translated to their local language. This increases the confidence between the stakeholders.


Augmented Reality has already entered our lives through apps and websites. Mobile apps like Snapchat have implemented Augmented Reality for its features. We haven’t explored AR for our benefits. Though it is used for entertainment like gaming and movies, we need to implement its features in our industries. It can transform every sector including farming.

Companies experienced in mobile app development like Big Kitty Labs can assist you to create a customized app for your business. Having an AR application for your business will give an edge against your competitors

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