Old habits die hard.

I used to be a serious magazine hunter.  Like collect odd ball magazines.  I spent a ton money back in the day collecting magazines of every niche fringe field of interest I could imagine.  Now a days its all PDFs really as print media has taken quite the hit.

I occasionally search for PDFs around keywords of interest.  Google can usually find anything but sometimes I need to use specific PDF search engines.

But what of the finds?

Well here’s one I stumbled across recently-

The Artificial Intelligence Index 2018 Annual Report. 

This is a report that…

“The AI Index is an effort to track, collect, distill, and visualize data relating to artificial  intelligence.  It aspires to be a comprehensive resource of data and analysis for policymakers, researchers, executives, journalists, and the general public to develop intuitions about the complex field of AI.”

Impressive ya?  Go read it gets even better.

A few things I like in this report,.

The Volume, the Growth.

I like this read on how the momentum of AI research is increasing rapidly.  Growth charts are always fun to stare at but here we can feel the throttle of the collective planet getting really really really into AI.  Fun.

Every paper effectively represents a number of people, a grant usually, and a kind of focus.  You can feel the ecosystem coming off the graph, and its really just begun.

Where is AI Research is Happening and by Sector

We tend to think here in the USA, we’re it right?  The heart of innovation, a classic american perspective.  Then by sector, thats really interesting.  You can kinda cross correlate where venture is headed in some ways.  Or identify where its not, or could soon be.

Universities that are leading the pack

Which schools and universities are dominating the field?  Interesting.


I love researching the trend potential in conferences.  What themes they cover, not just the broad AI theme but the sub themes inside.  The kind of talks.  Who speaks etc.

Venture investments

Aww yeah, thats nice.

Job openings by skill


Government moves and attitudes.

Follow the trends that create new infrastructure, compliance, compliance, compliance.  Building startups around new laws is killer 101 instant opportunity potential.

Great stuff- enjoy the read!