What’s the secret to Big Kitty Labs?

As crazy as it may sound its simple, protobaking. Wait what the heck is protobaking? See one of our first presentations on the subject here.


You know what moves more than anything?  SPEED. When you apply SPEED to startup prototype development, it means stop thinking and start building. Big Kitty is all about SPEED. We broke our chops on iterative development madness. Essentially throwing out the old manual on how to build things and instead embraced iterative thinking. We’re willing to wager whatever requirements you have may they’ll be suspect to a fistful of assumptions- especially if you’re a startup. If they’re validated, sweet, you’ll be better off than others, if they’re not, doing exhaustive requirements is a waste of time and sadly money. We believe in fast iterative development based on what you think you need getting a prototype fleshed out faster so you can VALIDATE that need with real customers.


Protobaking says GO FASTER, GET DATA, LEARN, REPEAT, its at the heart of today’s lean startup movement.


We value good design, trust me, we really like design. But we know getting something is better than nothing. Every day there are some hundred thousand people pausing on their big idea, lost in a business plan, staring at countless sketches, infinitely tweaking line by line what could be, without building the thing. We say, go FASTER, and we do go FASTER.


Since our start in late 2008, we’ve worked with over 45 startups, built 20+ mobile applications, and experimented with dozens of concepts. By building fast we learn fast and create reusable assets and learnings that let us build other projects faster. We’ve done everything from web to enterprise, from iOS to Android and Windows mobile, we’ve built for set-top boxes like Roku, we’ve worked on police enforcement and logistic applications to healthcare. Our clients hail from Silicon Valley to Boston and back to Central Ohio.


Our approach has been recognized by many and it continues to evolve as technology does. We encourage our clients and those we mentor to go FASTER, because in today’s idea market its a race to realization, its a momentum game, those who have it win, those that wonder lose. A key metric at the start is traction- do you have it?


Let Big Kitty Labs help you get it.