Our Team

how we got here

I met Tushar Kulkarni in 2008 at the first Startup Weekend Columbus, where my idea for doing mobile research on the iPhone won the weekend event.  We won 50k and started the grand journey in creating out first startup.  Startups, however are tricky things- and our first startup soon failed a year or so later.  After that experience and reflecting back on it I started Big Kitty Labs (named after my wife’s cat), to basically take on the biggest hurdle I had experienced in that first startup- making the product.  Big Kitty Labs was born and Tushar and I took on the space of prototyping, championing that need, and soon found our lead developer- Andrey, who complimented our mindset and helped us craft many creations, help dozens of startups, and more.  – Dan Rockwell

team kitty

Dan Rockwell, CEO

Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Dan has been obsessed with business for a long time- what makes them tick, how could they be better, how can they leverage technology to do new things.  He advises, mentors, holds events, helps startups and is mad sketcher, trend hound and more.  He’s a self taught startup engine serving more than 11 years in the mean streets of design and user experience at Lextant, where he honed his love of trends, and building analysis tools. He fell in love with the startup scene and started Big Kitty Labs in late 2008 after his first startup JoeMetric was a total bust. Through his work at Big Kitty he landed additional gigs with The Ohio State University helping the university take research ideas to market through the creation of a software prototyping center for the technology commercialization office. He is a regular speaker at Startup Weekend Columbus, hosts and organizes Ignite Columbus, and helped build the monthly startup pitch event Wakeup Startup. He freely offers his time and expertise to anyone in the Ohio area working to get their big idea to market. His role in Big Kitty is strategy and business development.

Tushar, COO

Tushar is the other half of Big Kitty. He has been in the startup world since 1998 where he started an online apparel business. Eventually he moved to the US and ran into Dan at the startup weekend where they began JoeMetric. In 2009 Dan/Tushar left JoeMetric to form Big Kitty Labs, to pursue with their crazy ideas and develop cool software.  Tushar manages the logistics for the Big Kitty Labs and is responsible for the client engagement and software delivery.

Andrey, CTO

In the early years of Big Kitty, getting good developers was a constant quest.  Big Kitty found Andrey online through one of their scouting missions and together they’ve been friends and family every since.  He is the CTO on all projects, an extremely talented developer.  Andrey manages a small team, and loves working with complex math, API’s, AI and basically anything Dan & Tushar can dream up.

Nilesh, VP India Ops

Nilesh is the India operations main man with Big Kitty Labs. Nilesh, helps Big Kitty Labs India operations management and wears several hats from management of the India operations to the scaling efforts in India.

Our Extended Team

Big Kitty works with alot of extended team members who help us craft the best design and code possible on the most optimal timelines for our clients.  We thank our partners and extended team members: Evan, George, Ankt, Dipti, and Mary.