You’re Doing it Wrong
26 Jul 2016
You’re Doing it Wrong
July 26, 2016
Posted On: July 26, 2016 | by: Dan Rockwell

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In startups and business one of the first things you learn in trying anything new is the sea of people that inform you either from their own experience or not, that you, are likely, in fact, doing it wrong.  Doing it wrong in terms of everything, from why of the product, to building it, to going after customers and more.  At Big Kitty Labs, one of our beliefs is less that you’re doing it wrong and more that you’re doing your way.

You have to earn the path to build something great.

That takes time and experience.  There are always unknowns, but you have to build it, you have to earn it.  The more you earn in terms of dealing with uncertainty winning or losing, shapes your trajectory and makes you stronger.  I didn’t know what I was doing when I started Big Kitty Labs, but we earned it.  Many people told us we we’re doing it wrong, but we earned it, we earned the path.

The more you earn the path the better your sense gets, the better your skills become, the better the work you can do, the better the path.

Much of the startup scene is about accelerating that journey- and we implore you to earn it first, or earn as much of it you can yourself, because in the end, you’ll control more, and wield more certainty in the end.  There are always people to learn from, experts to listen to, but in the end no one can sell what you have better than you because you willed it into existence.  Your passion and drive made it happen- and Big Kitty Labs would love to be part of your journey that you ultimately control.

So next time someone says “You’re Doing it Wrong” remind them that could be true, but you’ve earned it.  This may seem kinda lame, like you’re accepting defeat, but its more grand than that, you’re accepting the fact you have the capacity to learn, and with learning comes doing, and validation, and drive and passion for what you wish to become real.  Never stop learning.