What’s the secret to Big Kitty Labs?

As crazy as it may sound its simple, protobaking. Wait what the heck is protobaking? See one of our first presentations on the subject here.

You know what moves more than anything?  SPEED. When you apply SPEED to startup prototype development, it means stop thinking and start building. Big Kitty is all about SPEED. We broke our chops on iterative development madness. Essentially throwing out the old manual on how to build things and instead embraced iterative thinking. We’re willing to wager whatever requirements you have may they’ll be suspect to a fistful of assumptions- especially if you’re a startup. If they’re validated, sweet, you’ll be better off than others, if they’re not, doing exhaustive requirements is a waste of time and sadly money. We believe in fast iterative development based on what you think you need getting a prototype fleshed out faster so you can VALIDATE that need with real customers.

Protobaking says GO FASTER, GET DATA, LEARN, REPEAT, its at the heart of today’s lean startup movement.

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From concept to product launch to enterprise or mobile- we have you covered. We’ve helped over a dozen startups go from the napkin to investment and some to exit.  You name the issue- and we have you covered. Our development stack is PHP, RubyOnRails, Javascript, NodeJS, iOS, Android, API’s and more. Our speciality is you- the project you’re facing, and what you need to get done.  Give us a shot, and you’ll be blown away by our customer service, code and SPEED of execution.


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Big Kitty Labs family consists of core kitty team and our excellence crew.

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We LOVE our extended and talented crew. We seek, find, capture, and lure, talented coders where ever we can find them- anywhere around the globe. We’ve had the pleasure to work with many, many, MANY, talented people who continually show us the meaning of words – kick ass rapid development goodness. If you’re interested in making a few napkin sketches come to life and snack on a slice of Big Kitty- you know where to find us.

26 July

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20 November

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Columbus Startup Weekend – Nov. 14-16th – Breakdown

Last weekend was Columbus Startup Weekend and it rocked. It was one of the best Startup Weekend’s i’ve seen unfold in Central Ohio since the first one I attended in 2008. ...

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